DMX And The Satanic Illuminati Music Industry Exposed


DMX aka Earl Simmons has had a very turbulent career in the music industry. Having so much success in the music and film industries, he’s seen a lot of good …


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  1. 5tay Tuned says:

    See I got demons in my past so I got daughters on the way
    If the prophecy's correct that the child shall have to pay
    For the sins of her father so I barter my tomorrows
    Against my yesterdays and hopes that she'll be okay

    Jay z speaking on the sacrifice he made to break through to a higher level

  2. Sara Miller says:

    There is something very intriguing about the whole "Illuminati Controls Hollywood" theory. Dave Chappell has all but confirmed it. It is very easy to make a few calls and make someone look crazy in the media.

  3. cade xander says:

    Older than 15 not 15.

  4. I'm really surprised no one saw the horns on DMX's head in the pic at 4:01. SMH

  5. to believe in the devil you must believe in the lord… LET US PRAY!

  6. sky light says:

    DMX said where is my Guardian Angel?? then he said … I had One!!! Had one meaning in the past tense.. I feel bad for Dxm..your angels will leave you when you turn to the evil side.

  7. ??? says:

    At 9:00 when you look at the bottom of the"X" you will see a devil with horns take form in it.

  8. I pray for DMX he at least try to fix his mistake, and I hope and pray he is forgiven. I also hope people see his story and wake up to this evil entertainment industry.

  9. dmx is a Christian because he knows who runs the industry and he we put in jail for speaking out against them.

  10. I never knew that his music was so descriptive!
    I would fear listening to such dark subject matter as someone cryin + begging for their spiritual peace!
    I feel so bad for him that he is starting to have his ability to choose affected. I'd say " do what you have to do to escape the dark…even if it means a prison cell.
    In the end he HAS FREE WILL + that is the bottom line!

  11. Chefs corner says:

    so many preachers used the chorus to up in here in the pulpit ..smh

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  13. Zach Hodge says:

    to me the albums show his struggle as a Christian. you cant take all the punchlines at face value. the lyrics in rap (especially in the late 90s and early 2000s) are there as punch lines to make people say "dannng". shock value goes a long way. also just because he talks about the devil in his songs doesn't mean he worships him. We as christians deal with the enemy on a daily basis. some more than others. X has had a very hard path and is still struggling. pray for him

  14. I hope he makes it to the real deal Jesus CHRIST

  15. Atur Brown says:

    dmx is the best rapper forever

  16. Atur Brown says:

    dmx i love songs

  17. Atur Brown says:

    dmx is the best rapper alive

  18. Trina Dee says:

    The Bible warns us that these so-called Jewish people are of Satan's Synagogue. They are the ones in the music industry behind the scenes pushing Satanic music. You can't even get a record deal unless you're willing to push evil lyrics into the minds of the youth. This is why so many kids are committing strange, horrific crimes. The demons are using these rappers to gain entry into these kids minds. The entire rap culture is degenerative. You shouldn't allow it in your homes people. Whether you know it or not you're opening doors for demons to come in through the so-called music. Be wise people and be not ignorant to Satan's devices. 

  19. people need to talk to each other , we are considered the enemy to the very rich . but their the real enemy .

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