DNA: World War 3 fears grow as Russia begins biggest military exercise of 2015


Russia began its largest military exercise of 2015 on Monday , with some 95,000 soldiers take part. Visit our website : http://www.zeenews.com …


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  1. pran hira says:

    They r the descendants of Ghyas Uddin Gazi

  2. Doing this show of strength, Russia has admitted its weakness. Only weak countries brag. This reminds of how Pakistan rants about its nuclear weapons which it had no guts to use during Kargil.

  3. singhar87 says:

    Russia sold MI attack helicopters to Pakistan recently. They can no more be trusted as friends

  4. Nitin Kumar says:

    Appreciated work @Mr.SudhirChoudhry

  5. Gandhi nehru family destroy this nation.

  6. Vansh thakur says:

    wow what a pathetic report sudhir..usa do his military exercise every now and then and u r only picking on russia.

  7. absyss says:

    Not like the 1st report much, But I amazed to see how India so become obsessed with gandhi name. I never knew until u guys comes with actual fact data from RTI.
    Thanks dna to open our eyes on regarding this issue.

  8. Moscow just took direct hit ! I felt the ground shake

  9. bert meringa says:

    Nice propaganda movie

  10. fuck u russia we r the super in world ishor from USA

  11. Russia is organizing biggest army training just as an answer to Jade Heilm 5, as everytime, USA started it. USA is the ONLY country in the world to ever use Nuclear weapon, chemical weapon, biological weapon … people are bragging what Russia sold to Pakistan, they forget how Russia always supported us against our war against Pakistan when USA was already in arabic ocean passing threatnings toward India … WW3 is imminent, with Russia openly supporting Assad against ISIS, which is another US funded bogeyman, today or tomorrow, a mistake will take place when US troops by mistake take down Russian troops in Syria, and the war will go off, or worse, another false flag on American soil just like WTC, what if that's a nuke by ISIS ? ! I don't know :D

  12. Haya India says:

    zeenews is war monger and communal channel. if you observe their shows, it is always about conflicts. They have nothing positive to speak of.

  13. LordLebu says:

    Great work by Russia against CIAISIS

  14. Sudhir Chaudri the new takat of India

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