Do Aliens Live On The Moon? / Documentary (English/HD)



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  1. Rhea Cary says:

    Come on cut the crap. if you are skeptical leave it at that. turn the channel or do some thing with your life like find a cure for tinnitus or what ever.

  2. Rhea Cary says:

    Off topic.: This guy looks like Peter Lorre.

  3. "Obviously just a mesa"

  4. It is just humans on the moon. Currently or sometime in the past.

  5. 31:33 looks like a downed spacecraft halfway buried into the moon.

  6. The secrets are locked away somewhere, the groundbreaking and profound evidence is hidden away somewhere, little bits are slipping out but really only in order to allow a multitude of theories to be taken on by the vast majority of people who wish to try and look and understand. I don't know what the truth is, and i have absolutely no idea why something would need to protrude apparently, 22 miles above the lunar surface. Elon Musk recently has been pushing the theory that we might be living in a simulation, i wonder if somehow, the moon is responsible for our perceived reality, that sounds too crazy but i am trying to think out of the box.

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