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  1. Yes, they see them. There is like 167 different species. There is never a picture of one that looks like another one. Please!
    And please get a good camera.

  2. As soon as I see night vision, I turn the video off.

  3. shinycat01 says:

    I'm sure when these creatures are ready to show themselves, they will. Never assume they are stupid or unknowing like the other animals out there. They're obviously part human, probably a hybrid, so they have intelligence. Too many eye witness accounts for this to be discounted as a hoax. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion….

  4. When you go out looking for the Yeti we can't be sure that the Yeti wants to meet us. It is a very rare lonely, not at all a gregarious species like chimps or gorillas, very shy, clever & has a great instinct for self-preservation. It could be a left-over from main stream human evolution…perhaps something like "Nut-cracker Man", may be? After all something like a "Hobbit-Skeleton" has now been discovered & such tiny humanoids have always existed in myths. What ever, why not leave the Yeti/Big-foot alone to its own devices & let it roam the vast expanses of the Himalayas, Rockies, Siberia etc. It has its natural space & so let it be.

  5. After three shots of Patron, I see all kinds of creatures.

  6. scientists have been proven wrong before. they said the Coelacanth died out when the Dinosaurs did…and they were proved wrong (with egg on their faces ) when fishermen pulled it out of seas in the 1930's. Pandas , Mountain Gorrilla, komodo dragon, okapi all animals they said were not real…and they were proved wrong over the years…… Scientists are not as smart as they think they are. they have even descovered small animals , bugs , inscets and other small creatures over the years….. history has proven they have been wrong…. just because they personnally have not see a Bigfoot does not mean it's not real. the history of the Native Americans has stories of Bigfoot going back long before we showed up.

  7. 31:36 Wy the hell is she crying like a bitch? It's not that bigfoot was going to kill her or something it just wants to protect it's habitat. And the whole experience lies is in the past. Jeez I hate these melodramatic eye witness testimonials.

  8. Archie_Balls says:

    My wife and I have a squatch living in the woods behind our house; which backs up to over 30,000 acres of wild habitat. There's tons of varmints and game for him to catch and eat, but we've been putting out watermelon for the last few weeks and every night he'll take away all the watermelon we leave. We've seen him twice — a gigantic specimen to say the least.We want to preserve his safety so we keep the whole thing a secret. Just think – one game camera and we could blow the lid off the whole Yeti thing – world wide.

  9. joe bloe says:

    I love how bigfoot stalkers hunt by talking and tromping through the woods like a herd of cattle. Bigfoot would smell them coming for 20 miles since they probably smell like Axe cologne and Walmart clothes. They will never find bigfoot until they either learn how to hunt or they hire a Native American.

  10. Where is this word came from SASQUATCH why not say big foot ?

  11. The critics are morons who exude arrogance, clearly set on disbelief. The trackers are idiots, too. It's fairly well accepted among the smarter researchers who have significant time invested in the quest for Bigfoot that a jar of crunchy peanut butter, a bag of mini marshmallows, and an issue of Gallery magazine from the mid-'70s when girls didn't manicure their cooches is a surefire Sasquatch attractant combination. Only apes and assholes beat on trees with slender logs.

  12. Randy Moffat says:

    Its not that its gone undetected, its that mainstream science refuses to even investigate or attempt to research it. They did the same with the mountain gorillas, Billie Apes, and others. It is almost always the non scientists that discover new species of animals, so its no wonder they have remained hidden

  13. you are righ gramps, there is nothing new here, just folks telling you how much they belive

  14. Riz P says:

    They're huge right?
    They have been spotted by thousands of people right?
    Are they stronger than bears and other wild animals?
    Do you think bears or other wild animals have run into them?

  15. the lady that was talking about the foot print that was "stamp like" . well you cant dismiss that and say its  a  stamp. what if he was standing there just smelling something. ? wouldn't that leave a print like that?  or what if he stepped on something as if he were stepping on a rouch ? you cant dismiss things like that at all. what kind of investigator is that? this is why crime gets away . we have people out there like her in law  enforcement that lets little things go to waste.

  16. John H says:

    all that knocking and hollering i think is chasing it away any animal will run, it knows your not another sasquatch, the thing lives in the forest it can maybe smell you from 5 miles away.but i am no scientists. if something was hunting you would you say here i am come find me? and i lived near the woodland all my life, hunted and fished all my life. but i am just regular guy.

  17. sirenz flex says:

    potato cam at its finest, like buying my 65 inch led smart tv is a fuckin waste. nothing is even hd on this pos tube.

  18. slient voice says:

    another bullshit story, how is it that they see it but can never get a good picture. over time they should have found something if they are actually looking for it …. just another story… monster quest, beyond belief and youtube. a place where with a lil money u can make anything real !! haha my oh my … bet someone going to say u never seen Jesus but u believe in him right! hahah

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