Documentary: Are the Illuminati Real? -Exposing the Jesuit Order


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  1. Great video. I never understood Zionism until now.

  2. Should you embrace new age practices you deny Me
    Saturday Dec 06, 2014 at 02:20 pm
    My dearly beloved daughter, how is it that those who do not accept
    My Existence, or the Divinity of My Eternal Father, are so willing to
    embrace false gods all of their own making?
    When My Presence is felt by souls who reject My Existence, they feel a
    need to retaliate without compunction. They will scoff, ridicule, mock
    My Presence, whether this be in My Church, in books; in the Word or when
    I Am Present in other souls. The Presence of God is Omnipotent and it
    is felt in the most painful way by those souls who are in darkness. This
    is why they react with such venom to any mention of Me. These people
    have a deep ingrained hatred of Me and they fail to see how they can
    hate someone Who, in their eyes, does not exist.
    I warn those who embrace false spirituality and who idolize or
     obsess about anything that does not come from Me. If you open your
    souls to any spiritual realm, not of My Making, you will open the door
    to demons, who will cunningly entice you into
    their dark world. Whatever
    peace you believe you receive from new age practices will be
    short-lived. And as you seek more,  you will then enter into a state
    where your conscience will be taken over by those enemies of God, until
    you are unable to release yourself from their domain. You will never
    find peace when you idolize false gods.
    The world is infiltrated with false doctrines, gods and religions.
    There is only one True God and you can only come to Him by recognising
    the Great Sacrifice He made when He sent Me, His only Begotten Son, to
    bring you salvation from the snares of the evil one.
    To those who do know Me, but who dabble in other doctrines,
    know this. Should you embrace new age practices, you deny Me. Should My
    Church acknowledge other creeds, that are not of Me, then they betray
    The time when My birth is celebrated, by showing allegiance to other
    religions, that are not of Me, will be one of the greatest betrayals of
    the Truth.

    Your Jesus

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