Documentary: Secret Ancient Giant, Alien, Annunaki (Sumerian Mesopotamia)


Documentary Shock: Nephilim Giant, Alien, Annunaki (Sumerian Mesopotamia Mythology and Archeology): Forbidden Ancient Civilization: Lost Knowledge of …


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  1. keith stone says:

    I believe in a lot of stuff this video is speaking..but I doubt a human of less then 6ft 5 is gonna lift a giant thats 12 ft tall…

  2. oz sane says:

    I'd rather just believe in evolution.

  3. nmn b says:

    plasma representations

  4. fuck that ancient alien shit Omg that shit is huge what if the giant that drew was 20 Times bigger man what kind of planet are we living on what is the universe what going on here why isn't this shit happening now I need the truth now I want some answers great God ancestor guide me to the truth . you have kept me this far will you lead me further farther.

  5. David Sierra says:

    Anunaki = fallen angels .

  6. ytgadfly says:

    real sumerian history is interesting enough, why resort to this BS that has been thoroughly debunked to try and make it interesting?

  7. Claire Bear says:

    Giants existed…Ive found a skeleton its around 8ft Ive hidden it from anquisities…Either from genitics or like dinosaurs been big because the earths gravity was different back then…I bet they were only human though like robert waldrow…

  8. Amine MSK says:

    In monotheistic traditions, the first human being "Adam" was créated as a geant, 15 feet hight. his children also were geants. In Islam, It is said that after the creation of Adam, Allah "God" tought him all the names, wich is concedered as a huge amount of knowlege. this means that the mankinde was civilised since the begining, even before he was sent to earth.

  9. amazing how a few videos have made 99% of commenters experts all whit a different version of the "carved in stone" truth

  10. Great vid but why add those accents at 50:30 XD

  11. Great documentary. I LOVE HISTORY don't you?? No need to bash. People share what they share. It's all information whether truth, fact or otherwise. 

  12. nice sight Amal very interesting (just because these clips are uploaded doesnt meen there believed it just meens that they have interest.

  13. famous geneticists have claimed that some off our DNA is foreign or alien I cant remember the source but im sure it was reputable you could probably find the article if you look.

  14. nosto glumis says:

    the three heads at the beginning look like my relatives in law.

  15. Alice Trott says:

    maybe?? they had a method of moving huge blocks of stone by using magnets – anti gravity. yes?? haha

  16. crom cruach says:

    Lies nothing but lies

  17. drnorway303 says:

    more bullshit what a bunch of wankers

  18. Chris Bee says:

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  19. Bee Raw says:

    Repeat after me… THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER!! So is Jesus, Moses, Noah, and the list goes on…The Quran reveals all that is needed for this life and the next, so read, and pray, pray, pray, pray pray you die as a beliver.

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