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  1. hvypetals says:

    im with you that. just another soft spot for the mossad fbi to go after when you dont go along with the narrative.

  2. 1greenMitsi says:

    this world needs a lot more people like yourself

  3. I just hope I live long enough to see the same thing happen to America and Americans.

    Americans are subhuman brainwashed scum.

  4. When the next 9/11 I will have an open house party and put on free booze and food. And party like it's 1999.

  5. achillesmlf says:

    Why wait for the son you will never have to do it? I assume you are young and the problem is now, not twenty years from now. Do it yourself. That's what is wrong with today's society, everybody knows what needs to be done, but they don't want to get their own hands dirty. Easy to sit on your PC and spout off.

  6. achillesmlf says:

    We have plenty of people like him, willing to sit at home and tell everybody else what needs to be done, yet are unwilling to do it themselves. Congress is full of people like that, with no balls.

  7. 1greenMitsi says:

    do you know 'him'?

  8. Arnisho says:

    11:50 = #1 douchebag

  9. MasKistershi says:

    Damn right-War is NEVER about what the public are told it is and is always about making money,gaining power,and shaping geopolitical aims other than those told to the public.

  10. MasKistershi says:

    I understand your feeling but we also have to remember this is the apathy they count on us reaching so we do nothing. But of course I get why you would feel this way.

  11. People whose great grandparents were slaves join the army to kill other brown people who happen to have a lot of oil .

    Demented society

  12. Faye Chang says:

    Democracy Now programme about veterans throwing away their medals and denouncing war to watch search for : Memorial Day Special: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

  13. Sara MG says:

    Can anyone tell me what does the woman ask in 06:09 and what does the man respond? No matter how many times I've played it, I don't get it!!! Thanks!!

  14. James Barnes says:

    Murder for corporate profit are all these traitors wars are about…..PERIOD! and the felons and traitors of the BAR with the black robes, are the worst of the dishonorable traitors….and are nothing more than treasonous felons and domestic enemies to all Americans….

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