Dollar Death to Lead to World War 3 in Middle East – X22 Report Interview


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  1. Rome did the same thing but it took 200 years.

  2. What countries will be relatively safe from the effects of WW3?

  3. NBF1865 says:

    If Chicago gets bombed nobody will miss it!

  4. Lara Green says:

    Maybe, maybe not.  Yeah, all of the fools who really run the world are absolute psychopaths but we just can't know their ultimate plans and goals, can we?

  5. Great analysis of the situation.

  6. L Weiner says:

    you are confused or said it wrong…the us was trying to stop the pipeline….russian gas would compete with other sources

  7. JAHhhhhhh Rastafarians…… Babylon Babylon Babylon Babylon

  8. amber lopez says:

    Let the "NUKES" Fly!  Praise the Lord… Amen

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