Dom’s Death Cutscene / Scene – Gears of War 3 – Mad World – HD 720


brothers until the end . This is the video of the death of Dom from Gears of War 3. Great , I actually had a little ‘ choked when I heard ” Mad World ” to start playing .


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  1. Some Guy says:

    I loled when dom died.

  2. this is all most the moment that capt miller had with Capt Miller in saving pvt Ryane

  3. Doms death is the sadist death in video game history
    every time i get teryed

  4. I'm still crying

  5. R.I.P Dom with Maria we will always remember u

  6. Dom no I loved Dom so much

  7. When Dom finally found his wife, I was sad for 3 days. When Dom died, I cried for 3 weeks.

  8. Skunk W3rx says:

    today marks the 4th anneversary of when 65% of all gears players watched dom die. :'(

    Brothers till the end

  9. You know when people talk about Ross and Rachel in the 90's who killed JR in the 80's and probably those people on that damn island in the 00's?
    Its nice to think that gamers were universal with Dom's death.

    Still wish it was Baird.

  10. people think gears is just a bro with bro killing sim, but its not. it a story of survival. of tragedy. of sadness. i need to cry now…

  11. 2112 says:

    Rip in nickle picklers Dom. Got based to fucking death by a hammer

  12. A big chunk of me died when I seen this, to be playing with Dom for 3 games, and then I saw this and literally cried, and I never cried for any video game but this one. This is my favorite game of all time, R.I.P Dominic Santiago, you will be missed

  13. It hurts so mutch to see this

  14. Ex3me gamer says:

    Hey guys are they brothers? sorry for my bsd english and im really noob at this game

  15. Seeing Marcus with another expression other than anger or a shit-eating grin gave me nightmares.

  16. cank plays says:

    cried so bad sense one of my favorites gears of war sense #1,2,3,judgment when it came out

  17. ElvenBlood says:

    They could have easily escaped on that truck why, why the fuck did they not try to escape on it!?!?

  18. Miles Curry says:

    i still cant belive it i was always marcus but dom brought so much to the story

  19. If only we had known….. IF ONLY WE HAD FUCKING KNOWN… we would have let Carmine die…. WE SHOULD HAVE LET HIM DIE!!!!!!!

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