Donald J Trump Single Handedly Took Down The Illuminati And Defeated The NWO, Ushering In A NEW AGE!


You have been lied to, the MSM has fed you a false narrative and you fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Donald Trump is just a great man who wants to do is best …


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  1. Beto R. says:

    I plead our Lord Jesus to forgive me  for being so blind for a while . God Bless America and Mr. Trump. Amen

  2. Jay Me says:

    Just look at his Bilderberg cabinet. With such a globalist cabinet, the last thing you can call him is a nationalist. He didn't drain the swap. He poured the sewer into it. Trump is very pro-establishment, pro-Israel. He trumped Obama in the number of promises he made with no intention of keeping. For all his in-your-face, boorish insults, he's part of the same ilk as the opponents he likes to malign (and later honor when he's won). Yes, Hillary was even dirtier. I always wondered how Trump got so much press when he was supposedly outside the political machine, and he got a lot of press, a lot of alternative press too, 'cause he promised everything you would want. Talk about controlled opposition. Expect more free trade, more job losses, more immigration, more fighting for Israel, and more attacks on freedom of speech and assembly. Seems they like using Trump to stir race tension.. all to be addressed with more draconian laws.

  3. 1. ISIS and the whole middle east problems are created by the right wing governments of USA, UK and France (Bush – Blair – Sarkozy – the unholy trinity of the far right).
    2. Donald Trump is not a right wing politician nor populist, stupid Americans bought the scam really good – he is just a wall-street and defense contractors puppet. Anyone who doesn't see the truth trought choices he made for his cabinet is either limited or extremely stupid.
    3. Trump will not make USA great again, USA will eventually become Russia's puppet, as the russians already hacked into the US election system and made him won.
    4. Companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General dynamics, Northrop, UTC, along the wall street speculants are the only creators of the US politiics for decades,! The never ending stream of wars, alleged terrorist groups and other mumbo jumbo are the pure product of the Democrat+Republican US governments, there is actually no difference between them, except by the name – both are right wing, extreme right wing.
    5. Democratic, Republican and libertarian movements are just fake synonims to keep the people polarised. There's nothing democratic, social nor libertarian in the USA.

  4. Joe Griffin says:

    Someones been lied too and deceived..that one of his TelePrompter speeches .. you know the thing he attacks politician for.
    and i'm sure not written by him
    i only need to see his tweets hear his arrogant narcissism to and research his many lies and deceptions to know what kind of man he is.
    the sad thing is i don't even think he knows he lies .. i think he so messed up in the head that he truly believes something is true simply because he says it.
    the MSN has its Bias.. and it flaws .. but it reports facts even if you disagree with the spin.
    Trump and his conspiracy crowd have no trouble omitting or changing facts .. but their main tool is taking opinion and claiming its fact.
    Trump and the conspiracy crowd and republicans in general draw support from people who operate more on emotion then on logic. They claim to be the great truth seekers but really they are the one who except information with decernment as long as it "feels" like what they want to believe

  5. Nope still with the majority of the country HATE HIM but nice try

  6. Lori Elwell says:

    If anyone on here actually believes that the "powers that be" is going to let Trump "change America" or stop world domination you are truly living a fantasy! They didn't come all this way just to let one single man change their direction. We are talking about evilest of evil and generations of breeding and brainwashing and training in order for them to succeed in world domination. The best thing anyone can do is not give attention to it! Thanks for trying Trump and may God be with you!

  7. What the fuck is this? Trump is a self praising cunt, don't follow him

  8. I will never change my mind about trump like he will change his mind about Mexicans ,ok

  9. Donald Trump speech was beautiful and mind blown and made me cry GREATEST SPEECH EVER.

  10. Ann Henry says:

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  11. Jonny Galt says:

    And The Trump Circus starts soon.

  12. The breadth of Trump’s controversies is truly Huge, ranging from allegations of mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings, and from racial discrimination to alleged marital rape. The stretch over more than four decades, from the mid-1970s to the present day. To catalogue the full sweep of allegations would require thousands of words and lump together the trivial with the truly scandalous. Including business deals that have simply failed, without any hint of impropriety, would require thousands more . Donald Trump is an embaracement and a SHAME for our Country .

  13. urwutuis says:

    You are truly a fool

  14. drealgrin says:

    you, sir, are a fucking idiot.

    Drumpf is not "one of us" Drumpf is one of them.

  15. Nothing is going to change no matter who runs this country.we will continue rolling down hill until this planet can't take no more and that will be our end.. fuck governments, fuck politicians. wake up people before its to late.

  16. Thinkrqx Rqx says:

    I wonder, why would Trump want to destroy the very system that made him rich? It is literally impossible to get to where he is today without being one of them (illuminati). Makes no sense. It is most likely that he is part of a controlled opposition, time will tell but let's make sure that we learn the lesson.

  17. BoredomFX says:

    ok from the title he defeated the nwo? im sorry but you lost me in this one.

  18. Mal Rollings says:

    Why do all these fools hail Trump as America's savior? Sure, his win was a necessary risk, to rid the usual parasites. Let's hope the gamble pays off!

  19. DJP says:

    The Conservatives rigged the UK election and have killed many poor and sick people already. Propaganda is rife

  20. Hey, Trump, watch the super software gang, behind THE search, criminals at large, nosing and intrusion, mocking the constitution.

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