DONALD TRUMP WINS! Banking institutions, THE Establishment & POPE FRANCIS Large LOSES (NEW World Purchase) Victory Speech (ROTHCHILDS) AP0CALYPSE Hacking


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  1. C. Huseyin says:

    So sad to see you compare Trump with Kennedy. You need to take history class again.

  2. AlexVids says:

    God will have the last word. all shall bow.

  3. May YHWH bless Mr Trump??

  4. Hello my friends do you know that we are living in that long awaited period of RAPTURE? Many people are not aware that's why the bible said it will be like the time of Noah. When the world is busy and carried away by the activities of the world. Our lord Jesus wants us to strive to be ready because it will be like unexpected thief in the night. Do you know that before our lord Jesus will take us to his kingdom in heaven we must live in total holiness? Hello my fellow Women do you know that majority of souls in hell are woman?. The reason being that we love and adore materialistic properties of Jezebel. Few women who had NDE and went to hell, saw how those fallen angels otherwise known as demons in hell are torturing women because of abortions, wearing trousers, wearing all forms of rings, all forms of bracelets, all forms of extensions, wigs, weave-ons, all forms of make-ups, all forms of lip-sticks, expanding your butt-ox and breasts and showing it. altering your appearance, having sex change like man to woman, naked dressing, marking your body with piercings and tattoos, drinking alcohols, all forms of smoking, having sex while not married, idol worshipping, lying, stealing, fornication, adultery. So my friends my reason for making and putting out this list of lifestyles is to see whether it will help to save even one soul from going to hell. And to raise awareness that hell is real and we are consciously and unconsciously making decisions of where we will spend eternity. My friends do you know that hell and those demons controlling it doesn't distinguish between the poor, the rich, presidents, bishops, queens, head of states, prime ministers, pastors, archbishops, kings etc? All those titles and high positions are for this world as we live today. When we die we become equal before God almighty. Do you know that hell is worst than the most graphic horror film any human being on earth has ever watched or known by humans? Thousands are trooping to hell while very few makes it to the kingdom of God heaven. Do you know that our lord Jesus shed tears of blood to see souls trooping to hell? Lucifer and his agents mock and ridicule our lord Jesus that his death on the cross was in vain. Please my friends this battle to save our souls is fierce, difficult and really serious. Satan and his agents has multiplied their efforts, powers and resources to make sure that they will drag as many souls as possible to hell. Remember we are all in this battle together. Remember We must pray for one another and for the world. May our heavenly father have mercy on us amen.

  5. Search for Martyn Poliakoff and compare with Pope Francis. Same or not? Pope Benedict left because truth was coming out he is Robert Blake?? Anyway, popes and RCC deceivers.

  6. MUSLIMS = USE CHURCH STATE RULE PAPACY = USE CHURCH STATE RULE EVOLUTIONIST = WANT THEIR FALSE BELIEFS TO BE ENFORCED BY STATE RULE ENVIRONMENTALIST = WANT THEIR FALSE CLIMATE CHANGE BELIEFS TO BE STATE RULED MANY OTHER RELIGIONS SUCH AS HINDU ETC ETC ALL WANT THEIR BELIEFS TO BE FORCED ON THE PEOPLE THRU A CHURCH STATE RULE AS WELL AS OTHER SECULAR PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN BELIEFS SO YOU CAN KNOW SATAN HAS WON OVER MOST AND WILL SOON HAVE THE PAPACY BACK IN CONTROL TO AGAIN FORCE A CHURCH STATE RULER-SHIP OVER MANKIND THE QUESTION IS DO YOU AS BELIEVERS IN JESUS WANT TO HAVE THE CIVIL = CAESAR RULE = TO FORCE ALL PEOPLE TO BELIEVE AS YOU DO? … IF YOU DO WANT TO TRY TO ENFORCE PEOPLE FROM SINNING THEN YOU TOO ARE NOT ALLOWING PEOPLE FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THAT TOO WILL ALLOW THE PAPACY TO ENTER BACK IN ALONG WITH THE OTHER GROUPS TO FORCE SUNDAY WORSHIP FOR THE SAKE OF CLIMATE CHANGE AS THEY SAY THE EARTH NEEDS ONE DAY OF REST. JESUS KNEW NOT ALL ARE HIS SHEEP AND THOSE WHO WILL LISTEN WILL SEEK HIM AND FOLLOW HIM AND NOT FOLLOW CAESAR WHO ALSO RULED WITH CHURCH STATE RULE.. the USA was founded on the separation of CHURCH and STATE because in the 1700's the Pope was still ruling with the Papacy = church and state so the founding Fathers made sure the FIRST AMENDMENT was the religious freedom and civil freedom separate from one controlling the other. Then in 1798 the pope was removed after the french revolution. Then the 1st beast was wounded but is slowly gaining back it's power. the USA is the 2nd beast to rise out of the earth and is a lamb with 2 horns which will eventually speak like a dragon. If we Christians allow the rejoining of Church and State again the Papacy will gain control and take over as it has done with their Mark of Authority changing the sabbath from saturday to sunday. Right now they are working to change it internationally and force all to worship on sunday which will mean all businesses will be closed for buying and selling as the Vaticans new environmental encyclical says the earth needs a rest from mankind's use. ===> SEE MORE HERE ==> DID YOU KNOW ==> and i listened in scripture this day … as i have learned the USA was created because it wanted separation of church and state and so they wrote it in the first amendment as they were sicken of the previous 3000 yrs of church state rule in the world which forced Daniel to not be allowed to worship his God but when he did he was thrown in the lions den and even afterwards the king forced everyone to then worship Daniels God and also i think about shad-rack mi-shack and abindigo who were forced to worship a statue but even after they didn't they were thrown in the firey furnace but lived and then the king forced everyone to worship their God and how the Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Jesus but yet Pilate didn't want to do it so he washed his hands as Jesus told him he could only do what he was doing with the power of God the Father above.. Yes the Jews loved church and state and the Muslims love church and state and today ecologist love their beliefs and state as do evolutionist love and want everyone to worship their beliefs = more church and state and so slowly satan creeps back into the destruction of our USA separation of church and state to cause our people to fight and yet they do not remember how the papacy ruled from 538 AD until 1798 AD when the french revolution took out the pope and placed him in prison which happened after our constitution was formed just 10 yrs prior.. oh people of the USA know that the book of revelation speaks of the papacy coming back forcing all to worship the beast the mark of the authority that the catholic church created when it changed Gods sabbath from saturday to sunday just because the catholic church did because they ruled by the power of church and state.. ohh protestants look back at the reason for your reason for separating from the catholic church when 500 yrs ago this yr 2017 martin Luther nailed his protest to the church door. Think people how many were murdered by the papacy during that 1260 yrs of rule all those saints killed in such torturous ways .. oh don't you know right now our new president wants to reverse the 1954 Johnson act which separated church and state which kept churches with 501c3 from being able to discuss politics in their places of worship.. oh people think about the book of revelation which tells us how the lamb with 2 horns which came up out of the earth will soon speak as a dragon and again in the last days the papacy will torture the saints who will refuse to worship the mark of authority of the catholic church as they worship on saturday and do not go along with the popes encyclical which says people should be concerned for the environment thusly causing people to think they should give the earth a rest and that day will be listed as sunday and not Gods sabbath day which he declared in Eden before Adam fell as well as he declared what it is to be male and female (not transgendered) and what it is to be married where a man cleaves to his wife (not gay marriage) and where God gave man dominion over animals but the encyclical says people should treat animals with the same equality as people.. yes satan has turned all 4 things around that the Father established in heaven,,, 1- sabbath ,,, 2- male and female … 3- marriage … 4- mans dominion over the earth .. but the pope and environmentalist want to say the earth is alive and the animals are equal to humans and that we should give up our dominion and that who is to say that gay marriage is wrong or being transgendered is wrong.. yes these are both the papacy's and satans ideologies which does become the end for mankind as this is slowly brought into our lives as church and state rules again and satan like Judas slips his evil kiss against the Son and mankind falls back to a time when satan had full ruler-ship.. oh people wake up.. wake up… do not be the blind sheep who lets you think that the ways of the beast are right.. the first beast of revelations.. the papacy .. and look at us the USA the lamb with 2 horns where each horn is separate as church and state as written by our founding fathers who knew what was going on over across the Atlantic up until 1798 when the papacy was given a wound.. do not let the little horn the papacy be healed but as we see it happening do not worship the mark of authority the sunday law.. come out of her my people come out ohhh wake up amen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KTF News – COMECE calls for Sunday Rest Laws in Europe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW""" ……WOW A MUST WATCH AND LEARN HISTORY OF THE USA WITH REGARD TO RELIGION AND CIVIL RULE WOW ,,,,,,, SEE THIS LINK ==> .. PLEASE SHARE TOO AND SEE THE OTHER PREVIOUS VIDEOS AND FUTURE VIDEOS TO SEE RIGHT WHERE WE ARE IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION TIMELINE

  7. Zeek M says:

    The west has now designated the vatican as global terrorism operation.

  8. John Prewett says:

    I was surprised the pope-led Satanic Globalist let Trump be sworn in. I've been surprised they let him come this far.
    Globalist “elites” are top level minions of Satan, the “god of this world.” Globalist kingpin is the Pope    
    Globalist had minion POTUS. Globalist have minion CIA   
    Globalist have minion MSMedia. Globalist have files on everybody that is anybody.
    Globalisthave most advanced worldly weapons.
    Globalist are murderous and ruthless. 
    Globalist have trillions of $ for bribes.
    Globalist have planned for years for the ensuing violence.
    Globalist goal of One World Government is ordained to come into existence. 
    “Sovereign” nations must be turned into failed states, then into provinces of the O.W.Gov..

    Trump has been made to be symbol of Nationalism/”sovereign” USA

    One way or another Trump Nationalist will be brought down defeated.  

    I presume you know the Vatican’s prized FAZZINI sculpture is claimed by the artist to be a depiction of Christ rising out of
    the crater left by a nuclear bomb blast.

    Alas Babylon – Alas NYCity – Alas America
    16 “…. beast which you saw will hate the prostitute; they will ….. burn
    her with fire.…..” Rev 17 “  ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’… Therefore her plagues will come in one day – ….she will be utterly burned with fire, …. ‘Alas, alas for that great city, that mighty city, Babylon! In one hour your judgment has come.’” Rev 18  

    Pope-led Satanic Globalist will nuke NYCity + claim NYCity was “Babylon” of the Rev.  

    The Vatican is “Mystery Babylon” of the Revelation Vatican’s destruction by fire is a few years future.  

    Nuke of NYCity + other cities will be blamed on the Russians.  

    And the perennial "blame all evil on the Jews" crowd will sound off

    In war and chess,  when one captures the king,  the war is over.  Trump has been captured.  

    Trump, symbol of Nationalism and "sovereign" USA,  is where the Pope led Satanic Globalist
    want him to be.

    Globalist are master of Secret Service … not Trump.

        A dog doesn't know it’s tied up until he hits the end of his rope.
    Trump is trapped, whether he knows it yet or not.
    The Pope led Satanic Globalist can take Trump out any way and any time Satan decides to. 

    Ps: Think God, Jesus & Satan do not exist ? Well, there’s your problem.

    Want tobe blessed ? Call on Jesus and heed His Revelation.

  9. It's really crystal clear its always been the same call it what u will. Money&power go to others with money & power !

  10. DHUL QARNAYN says:

    "You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do NOT greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews." quote from Benjamin Disraeli who was a British politician and writer who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.The zionists are behind the new world order and Trump is a self confessed Zionist.

  11. Hillary has always been a puppet. to CFR

  12. NSA is at pine gap, american spy agencies spying on Ozzie's collecting Intel. Not right. they can set up anyone.

  13. Trump could take down the rockerfellors

  14. CIA criminals In Action

  15. These old men are Sick in the head, dirty crazy lunatic bastards.

  16. Laurie 26 says:

    There wont be a single Atheist in hell!!

  17. Humor do Ju says:

    Hello people !!! watch please my video where i mimic Donald Trump, Speech Danold Trompt in my Channel! Thankyou very much!

  18. Lucifer Rules this world. Till Christ returns.

  19. Clint says:

    The Revolution was not directed against establishment, but against a particular establishment. It did away with this ruler, not with the ruler. To this day the revolutionary principle has gone no farther than to assail only one or another particular establishment, to be reformatory. Much as may be improved, strongly as “progress” or "tradition" may be adhered to, always there is only a new master set in the old one’s place, and the overturning is a building up. In every revolution it was not the individual – that which alone is real – that became free, but the citizen, who for that very reason is not the unique one but a specimen of the human species, and more particularly a specimen of the species Citizen, and of the breed National Citizen at that. In the Revolution it was not the individual who acted so as to affect the world’s history, but a people; the nation, the sovereign nation, wanted to effect everything. A false "I", a ghost, such as the nation is, appears acting; the individuals contribute themselves as tools of this idea and act as “citizens.” The commonalty has its power, and at the same time its limits, in the fundamental law of the state, in a "sacred" constitution, in a "legitimate" or "just" government which is guided, and rules, according to the “holy” constitution, in short, in legality. The modern period is ruled by the British spirit of legality. Congress is ever recalling that its authorization goes only so far, and that it is called at all only through favor and can be thrown out again through disfavor. It is always reminding itself of its vocation. It is certainly not to be denied that my father begot me; but, now that I am once begotten, his purposes in begetting do not concern me a bit and, whatever he may have called me to, I do what I myself will. Children owe nothing to their parents. They have no obligations to their parents. In fact, no obligations exist at all, and nothing is owed or owned ("owned" in the sense that one has a right to something). Therefore may congress recognized quite rightly that it is independent of the electorate. It exists and would be stupid if it did not avail itself of the power existence procures it. The created one no longer has to ask “what did the creator want when he created me?” but “what do I want after I have once been made?” Not the creator, not the constituents, not the constitution according to which their meeting was called out, let nothing be to them a sacred, inviolable power. You are authorized for everything that is in your power. Know no restrictive “authorization,” do not be loyal. This, if any such thing could be expected from committees at all, would give a completely egoistic government, severed from all navel-string and without consideration. Alas, the electorate are always devout, and therefore one cannot be surprised if they foolishly stand up to the wiser with their toy weapons called "Justice", "Goodness", "Rights", "Duties", "Karma", "God", and other superstitious falsehoods.

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