Donald Trump Destroys The Illuminati With The Best Anti NWO Speech


The Trump family has planned for the New World Order and this overthrow of government for many years – one lawsuit filed Sept. 19 in a California district court …


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  1. Killary is LIVID. This is so much more entertaining than mainstream television

  2. Aaron Wilde says:

    Can't wait to hear what he has ready for Obama

  3. La Hoodsta says:

    This is an elite dinner night stand up comedy.

  4. Kip Oblion says:

    Did people not watch this the night it happened? Jeez bunch of slack asses in this earth.

  5. Rick Pad says:

    trump is a monster you guys are idiots

  6. Lana Drebes says:

    "Hillary Is So Corrupt She Was Kicked Off The WATERGATE COMMISSION How Corrupt Do You Have To Be?" Trump calmly asked. Impressed by mentioning Defending RELIGIOUS Liberties! (Islam International Cult).~ Trump Rocks on Facts – Exposing Hillary's DECEPTION To Victims of her GREED In HAITI- EMAILS by WikiLeaks where She Is Busted Repeatedly on LIES to Everyone. Ripping Deceptive Double Standard Policies b.s. Excuses Private and Public! ~ Crooked Biased MEDIA NBC, CBS, ABC Etc.~ Bams! Donna Brazile! Trump Mentioning the Evil World of BARBARISM Publicly Is Top Key Point of Speech!~ Excellent Bravery, God Bless Donald Trump and Family.

  7. peyman adib says:

    blieve or not
    trump will destroy the world

  8. Frank Gomez says:

    look at his administration now 12/26/216 corporate c e o bankers who foreclose on 90 year old, ossie lofton for 27 cents and made her homeless,and discriminates against minorities steven mnuchin,treasury Secretary and now he supports paul Ryans issues to privatize social security and Medicare,making America great again,on the backs of the elderly and poor and minorities.Paulmayhamnews.

  9. coolnegative says:

    OUCH! so many people have been wanting to say this to her face. but, dang that was brutal!

  10. jamie herd says:

    same team or no,
    love the reactions, priceless.

  11. JRC Aerial says:

    All you elitists better be scared! You better be very, very, scared. Because us being the masses, we have nothing to lose! The only one who is going to be safe from us will be Trump, because I am fully behind Trump and all he believes in. But, for the rest of you people sitting behind him, you better be scared, because we're about to RISE UP!

  12. It really pisses me off how Killary still has that smile and laugh even when confronted face to face about her evil corruption! PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP LOCK THIS BITCH UP FOR HER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. a world community whats that about I wonder?

  14. Not really an anti NWO speech, just Clinton bashing.

  15. Matthew Love says:

    Trump is all a part of the deception, you fools.

  16. There's one way Trump could've improved that speech……looked around for a window and chucked Hillary out of it.

  17. Mike Rutecky says:

    they where booing Trump because hi is a moron

  18. Mike Rutecky says:

    if anything last few words are pro nwo

  19. bzzbzz123 says:

    just U can save urself, rest is a illusion

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