Need to observe! If you treatment about our potential, beneath the American structure, our liberty and our legal rights, as absolutely free citizens of the earth. Then you ought to accept the confession of Donald Trump by his hand indications. The blatant satisfaction he displays in his open up acknowledgement of his magic formula culture affiliation with the Illuminati. If you despise Hillary and understand the corruption she is in, you ought to realize that it is only tolerated in this earth due to the fact she is a portion of the Illuminati. They gave her and Invoice, their electrical power, and they gave Donald his. No just one EARNS this electrical power or situation. While some could receive a mere token piece of electrical power, you ought to know that true electrical power is handed down to the Elite. They are the types flaunting their Illuminati indications in our deal with. Numerous singer, song writers and actors, also flaunt these indications as they are informed to do this to lure and confuse the youth. They do not have true electrical power, but it is a indicator they are slaves of Satan. But Men and women like Donald trump do not flash these indications and hand shakes besides by way of the acknowledging of Elite authority. He is telling you if you will just wake up.
If Gary Johnson At any time waves just one of these indications or displays you in any way, he would stick to any group or electrical power, other than our structure, do not vote for him either. At this point it seems he has not and is not portion of the Elite. We know for certain that Trump and Hillary are managed. Remember to vote for a human this time. It could be our past probability. Many thanks.


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  1. Rosie Brandt says:

    yes he well do the same thing

  2. You are fucking Bulls hit! Trump is NOT the Anti-Christ!!!

  3. HaDebari Yah says:

    Restored The Original Scriptures “The Word of YAH”- USA Amazon.

  4. brycepitts01 says:

    Trump is not evil he's with us with God :)

  5. lulucica1 says:

    The Dumbing down of America is obviously complete !!! To put such a fool !!.. even as a puppet president is beyond comprehension…Trump and his five word vocabulary (believe me…believe me) is all he can say …sooo pathetic…mean while taking peoples freedoms away …He is one of the last of all the antichrist left …I hope all his supporters enjoy the pits of hell …because you will need to repent …I will pray for you all…its very sad your once great America full of such uneducated dumb down followers …pathetic!!

  6. Tony Gam3r says:

    you are an idiot and it's funny to listen to you.

  7. Donald Trump been doing those 666 hand sign since the start of the beginning

  8. this makes so much sense about Donald trump

  9. I am sorry for person like you who don't have a work to do other than looking for hand position. should this people stop moving at all.

  10. ALEX ISHII says:

    Let's see him if he is for God against many conspiracies of Illuminati, if he is not involved in Masonry for NWO, or he is completely clean from all of those fuc…ing matters he has to show and prove people in the world torecognize him as a president of USA and fighting for his creed, for USA democracy and the world be a better world…not to listen to devil intention much stronger in this world of no heavenly morality!

  11. Darrel Hicks says:

    what's this we speak for yourself I haven't been manipulated . just say you have been manipulated

  12. Darrel Hicks says:

    first off you have to have power to change situations only Lord Jesus can make things happen .

  13. Darrel Hicks says:

    of course they are Republicans and Democrats work for the same Jews also they all homosexual and devil worshippers

  14. Marney Cohen says:

    So sick of seeing that hand sign why do they do it…gotta be something to it who talks like that…music/movies/leaders all doing it???

  15. John Paul says:

    Nothing I mean absolutely nothing any of You ever claim or say happens. The actual rate of accurate predictions on YouTube makes up about a quarter of a quarter of a percent of shit on here. Not once have You ever been right about shit. I call all of You ignorant inbred fucktards and You get offended and defensive. The next Nibiru video tell them to zoom in. Next alien video tell them to stand still and zoom in. Amazing the camera technology cellphones have today. But somehow videos and photos are all still grainy and out of focus. Funny instead of making a list of illuminati members. You all always claim insider sources told You and confirmed this bullshit. Tell You what instead of just carrying a camera when searching for bigfoot ?? Carry an AR-15 with some armor piercing rounds and drop his big ass. How about that? Instead of just standing around with Your thumb in Your ass shoot or stab an Alien to death and drag it's body back. That's what I'm going to do if I see either. I'll take very close up and in focus video of Their corpses. An no I will not turn over either to the government just because pricks with badges and suits show up. They can take a bullet just as quickly for trying to take either.

  16. John Paul says:

    I think the Illuminati is all You idiots on here claiming someone else is…

  17. libbie7777 says:

    illuminati will not pic a man like pence to run with him just NO

  18. libbie7777 says:

    many have that han sign an my relatives talk that's all you got OMG. nope all his policies are against the illuninati an globalism Bolony

  19. Is it possible to test a president to see he is mental or not ?

  20. I believe not , but probabely so, unfortunately , even  so far better than Hitllery.

  21. Pia Salvino says:


  22. STOP hoaxing !!!
    DJTrump is not illuminati.

    He is the hand of Lord YHWH now and ever …. just look at his doings as the best US President.

    Only haters point him up as the evil. Those satanic hoaxers.

  23. Please brother give him a chance. I sincerely believe the Lord who created all is also able to bring anyone out from the kingdom of darkness, and make him an evangelist. It seems most Christians do not even know the power of God. God is doing a great job at this end time. He has converted many Isis into Christianity and they seriously follow Him. Even those whose hands were freshly stained with human blood He forgives and wash them in His blood. There is nothing our Lord Jesus cannot accomplish. President Trump has been chosen by God as one of the End Time Army of the Lord. Let us not castigate Him. We ought to show some respect to the President that had been chosen by God. By saying what you are not sure about, it is one of Satan's devices that lures one into his deadly trap. I can see that many 33 degree illuminate members all over the world including America are resigning their membership and turning to Christ. Why should that of President Trump be different.
    Our Lord planted many of His children in awkward places and families. He is now bring them out and they have started discharging their duties.
    President Trump may once have been a member of Mason, Illuminates, Skull and Bone, Luciferian and such like, but it pleases the Lord to bring him out that he may start to discharge his duty. He planted him those cults for a purpose. Please give him a break, instead pray for Him that he may not stumble but to be faithful to God throughout the cause of his assignment. May the Good Lord forgive us for the careless assumption.

  24. before he become Republican!!!

  25. 666 I imagine comes from word magick, where repetitions especially of three increase the power of a spell. Hence "sick sick sick" would be a simple spell to make someone, er, sick. Since 6 in Latin?? is "Hex", such a spell is called a "hex".
    Perhaps the truth is people indeed want "bread and circuses", i.e. food and entertainment- if you were to strip out all the illusion and mind control the problem might be one with boredom.

  26. that's a sing of respect to the flag

  27. yo that's stupid! people do it it everyday just to be cool

  28. Dave Atasan says:

    ow the phillipines is on danger

  29. What do you try to do with this, you sound like a sucker for the elete!!!

  30. whether you worship the devil or god, there is no difference because non of you all have ever seen god or the devil, and non of you all can say that you know god or the devil. so stop whatever you think you are doin.

  31. Legion says:

    Soo all deaf people are in the Illuminati nice

  32. keatts6865 says:

    I am sure that I have unwittingly made those signs myself…  DOESN'T PROVE ANYTHING

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