The Illuminati have selected Donald Trump to be the next president puppet of the USA. Wow~ !!! Pray 4 America!


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  1. Moses M. says:

    what the crap is an illuminati?

  2. Rabin Miguel says:

    Hey man, nice video, very informative. But I would like to note is that i think the illuminati's grip on the world is by far not as tight anymore as it used to be, due to the slow but sure awakening of mankind. We truly live in revolutionary times, and there's always the possibility that Donald Trump is a product of that. It is not so much about him or the things he says, but humanity has created the context in which an unusual person like him can become president.

    What you say may be the truth, but my intuition tells me the picture is composed slightly different. I don't think the elite is making all of the decisions anymore, they're slowly moving over to the losing side. Donald might be the first non-illuminati-bloodline president. And if that is the case, we must all pray that he may see the light and be protected by it because the Rothschilds and friends aint gonna be pleased with him. Much love!

  3. Dottie W says:

    Finally, someone with a brain.

  4. Trump is apart of the Illuminati he's going to destroy our economy

  5. mysticmeg111 says:

    you are wrong. no one can buy trump. he will forge ahead and crush the satanic military industrial complex.

  6. Alex Croome says:

    I am optimistic for Trump. But the way that the Political elite are accepting him worries me. Suddenly Hillary and Obama are rooting for him and advocating a "peaceful" transfer of the country over to Trump. I am optimistic and hopeful, but as ever I am vigilant that he could be a plant just like all the rest. Time will tell, until then I will try to enjoy the ride and preach truth.

  7. please stop posting speculation video

  8. Yes he has it all wrong illuminati lost this election that would have been the devil herself, your an idiot that's been decieved

  9. Eric D says:

    Is it not possible for God to foul up Satan's plans from time to time? Does God not answer the prayers of a nation? Look how dumbfounded EVERYBODY is that he won… Even the people who half-heartedly said he could.

  10. Carlos Arias says:

    you can say the truth! those hardcore Trump supporters can go to infowars or mark dice to hear what they want to hear!

  11. le lenius says:

    There are indications that a fake "assassination" of Donald Trump.may be in the works. So don't assume it's true if the media report such an event. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the USA, things just keep getting more bizarre. All they would have to do is make a bang bang noise, squirt some ketchup around, put on a bogus funeral using a wax dummy (they've done this in the past!), and send Donald off to one of his luxurious overseas estates sporting a new wig as a disguise.

  12. JoTokutora says:

    Good Video, I have though similarly. But I will say that at this point it is not a 'truth', but a 'feeling' about Trump being a puppet. Although yes, I am of those that think he will be controlled, we will have to see what he does, and question his action.

  13. Hillary did say that islam is a peaceful religion…

  14. you live in Canada why do you care???

  15. Lizard Boy says:

    is this guy a fuckin troll?

  16. Ribb Rotgut says:

    He could really be the actual Antichrist, who is supposed to be the greatest world leader and a false messiah to Christians

  17. Ningjing Su says:

    If you can just not claim yourself as Christian, that's an insult to that identify.

  18. Dan H says:

    Omg really?

  19. The Vigilant Christian, you are not proving shit here.

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