Donald Trump-Presidential Predictions (Illuminati Exposed)


It’s all in the cards.


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  1. You would like dabhoo 777 channel video today on the Simpsons predictive programing which I know u are aware of.

  2. Danger ahead, I agree. 100 on the nose..

  3. little-meows says:

    Do you believe the end of our world is near?

  4. you have a set voice tbh! what's your Facebook?! I got some good conspiracys ;)

  5. Cassie S says:

    Thanks for the video! ? I am in the middle of being decieved and still awake. I will admit he is very convincing and seems more genuine than Obama and definitely Clinton, but on the other hand you have the quotes and Simpsons as evidence and Trump's connections with the elite and his good acting skills to boot. I am going to try and stay clear headed throughout this chaos and stay awake to the truth. Thank you sister! ☺️

  6. ionbeam14 says:

    Hello Shawna, I very recently subscribed to your channel. I heard about it via A Call For An Uprising's channel; and I am your brother in Christ. I appreciate the hard work that you put into your channel and completely agree with your video's message. God Bless you, Kevin aka ionbeam14.

  7. Deanna says:

    I feel the same way. He was selected not elected. I'm scared.. but would have been scared either way.

  8. Hey, thanks for the video. Keep up the good work.

  9. Jason Torres says:

    Thank you for your video, I am right with you in this train of thought.

  10. Seraph Angel says:

    Nothing can stop the NWO, nothing.
    Prophecies HAVE to come to pass. God's word is true. Just buckle up because it's going to get really bumpy.

  11. Islam Tube says:

    May God guide mankind..

  12. Are you Christian praise jesus

  13. Never mind u just said sister in christ


  15. PRS says:

    Amen! I think we must keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. He is always in control. He makes NO mistakes. Pray for your loved ones and each other. God Bless..

  16. We'll ask yourself who is to blame the buyer or the seller we are filling our world with plastic and Styrofoam big company's sell it and you but it. Its terrible for the earth yet every conveinent store sells it by the millions how long do you think it will go on how long can any of it go on you love in a world of convenience so you complain about your own destruction… Get real

  17. Billy thdkid says:

    All should wait and see and then remind him maybe by sending him letters why he got elected… I hope he doesn't get killed
    Secret Service: " Donald Duck !!! " Quack Quack Quack :o)

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