Donald Trump risk for world war 3


Trump and World War 3! Will we have a world war 3?? Is world really going to be in war if Trump Wins? Foreign policy fantasies please U.S. voters While Trump …


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  1. False. Trump has no intention of starting a war. If anything its hillary that will start one. US and NATO forces are built up on Russian boarders. In Vladimir Putins speech to the media he complimented Trump and said that he looked foreword to working with him if elected. The mainstream media has pushed the narrative that Russia, and Trump are evil; but its not true. Aparantly the elites nannys never read them the story of"Tthe boy who cried wolf" . When you lie all the time nobody believes you. The Wikileaks DNC dump just proves that the media is in the governments pocket. Only the true zombies believe what they have to say.

  2. stan grim says:

    anti trump add

  3. im so scared i do not want it to happen

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