Donald Trump RUINED The Illuminati Plan For WW3 With Russia! The New World Order Is Collapsing!


This Documentary Exposes The Truth About Syri@ and The Global Power Grab That Is Taking Place In The Region. Thank you for watching. God Bless You.


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  1. freelandsm1 says:

    American politicians are lying to its people???? Shockers…….

  2. freelandsm1 says:

    The military industrial complex must be getting filthy rich!! Haliburton ? Dick CHENEY?

  3. freelandsm1 says:

    OUT OF CHAOS comes the NEW WORLD ORDER …one government , one religion, one monetary system. Total control of the world.

  4. The genocidal agenda of the Jesuit controlled NWO. Shared to my Facebook community Expose The Truth!!!

  5. Joe Garcia says:

    a read all of the comments and USA seems fucked. we need to stay in the middle East and remain in control and not let the axis Shiites build there pipe. it sounds like a dickish move but if they win we loose and our economy will crumble and we will no longer control the petroleum in the region allowing another super power to rise and reign this century. either way were fucked. we cornered our selfs.

  6. Poor Syria, so sad to see a country destroyed.
    Thank God Hitlery didn't get in, let's pray Trump wants peace in Syria like he said.

  7. stdpozer says:

    Whats worse the government or the mainstream media?

  8. how come we never get full translation when crowds chat that sucks

  9. Di Dxpeo says:

    War kills ppl, that is really bad, BUT remember who the fuck started all this in the first place, the FUCKING USA want use global domination to keep robbing everybody, that's why the whole thing happened, Russia and China are just barely holding up, the USA has been and always has been killing millions of civilians in the mid-east just to keep the petrodollar running, they have killed millions.

  10. CARL MALONE says:


  11. Jim Yost says:

    The Bible predicted all of this nearly 2000 years ago. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24 Jesus foretold how the end times are going to play out, which is what we're starting to witness now. In verse 8 he referred to this time as the beginning of sorrows.

  12. Josh Link says:

    It seems pretty clear to me that America has pretty much armed, and paid the "terrorists" its so fuckin crazy!!!! This whole situation is pretty hard to get your head around really., I vote the Trump administration names some serious changes when it comes to foreign policy.

  13. Josh Link says:

    Does anyone believe the assertion that Assyria the "bad guy" or is it the general concensus that he is basically the "fall guy" "?

  14. RT is russian tv right ,so its supports russia right so im out of here.

  15. Middle eastern types and tribes of Muslims have always fought each other since time immemorial. In times gone by the west wisely stayed out of these skirmishes and didn't arm either side. That has changed with the arms trade being the largest and easiest way to get rich out there.

    President Assad is the democratically voted for president by all the people of Syria. It is only the attempt by Sunni Muslims that has brought about the extreme terrorism. The ordinary Syrian would like as not, given the option/vote not welcome rule by Sunni because they preferred a more western style way of living than a backward seventh century forced strict sharia rule. Wouldn't you? Why do I see the western forces rallying to the wrong side? Answer – MONEY

  16. There is a deliberate attempt to bring about world war in order to make money . Instead of refusing all attacks on western style freedoms and democracy extremely stupid and short sighted political forces have given way to the third agenda for Islamic world domination. They have failed collectively to see the trojan horse that they have accepted.Wrongly citing as "multiculturalism" Islam has not come to be "part of" it is here deliberately to rule, and western intelligence has allowed it by lack of resistance.Who is the alien that bankrolls the mosques and madrassas forced in to our midst? This is NOT the choice of the people of the UK, US or EU but it is a blatant attempt by the elites to get rich via arms trade.

  17. He needs to go. who the fuck do they think they are. skull and bones spirit cooking. GO ASSAD GO PUTIN..

  18. UnReal Days says:

    Islam and the u.n are to be kicked off of North America!…

  19. Forget boots on the ground. Put them up O'bama's  poop chute.

  20. Forget boots on the ground. Put them up O'bama's  poop chute.

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