Don’t Believe In UFOs? Watch This..


UFO Video Compilation 2005-2011 AMAZING FOOTAGE! Real or Fake? It doesn’t get any better than this!


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  1. Aivo says:


  2. Aivo says:

    I think I saw them to,but may was a missle but I do not belived that missle can do zigzag? in the sky!!.And be happy and screamed out but I scared, my scream was like mental dissaster that i woked up my parrents so I scared.Now little bit messy that I stay on earth and never had new opportunity to meet whit them.Fuck !!!I m sad.So my soul not so clean like them will neeeded!!!!!

  3. aftab says:

    hahahaha really fake. vic

  4. Vic Conway says:

    They will soon land and evacuate the best half of us!


    • The Engineer says:

      Either they will land or use a beam up to transport souled beings out of here, when this planet does her flip,its leave and time to be evacuated! see u on board!

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