Doodle 4 Google 2016 Illuminati Symbolism EXPOSED!!!


Remember, nothing is ever a mere coincidence… Is it just me, or is there more than what meets the eye in this very telling doodle? … Because they’re literally …


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  1. ThisIsBob says:

    Egyptian religion and illuminati has literally no correlation .-.

  2. who esle is watching in year 2018? month july the 31st??????∆????????∆ ?∆

  3. Hey man. Could you check the left buttom corner. It's writen Menomonal. I googled it and there is only one page that showed me some text from of June 4 1892, and there are two streets mentionaed in that text that I found on Google maps. Cumberland street in Rochester, NY and Margrave street which sais is probably Mangrave avenue in Providence, RI. This could be some clue of some sort, I guess, but I can't get it fully. The text is scripted in some way but here is something very interested: Th window will b fitted with loaded llgbte and from differeal oelored laeae. To ere will be to entrance from Margrave and one oa Cumberland atreet. In the basement of th building there will be a Sunday aobool room, lad lee' parlor, kltekea, elaee room and fnraaoe. Th baeement will be hul'r of atone and above the (round line It wilt be of Menomonei brick faced with red Menomonal eaadeton. There will be ao aeoent of eight feet from tho aidewe'k to the main vestibule from whloh through (winging door th mala auditorium 1 reaebad.

  4. Hello, I need your opinion on crosses. Is it a symbolism? Because I think that we should not use the cross to represent the Church. I just think that it may seem idolatry?

  5. Lynn Jones says:

    I know people like you STFU!! It's crazy when black people do something you throw ILLUMINATI!! You're ILLUMINATI FOOL!!

  6. 731= 11 and 18=9 so they also put in here 911!! 

  7. vmeiied says:

    Can you talk about the emerald tablets of Thoth and the last withheld emerald tablet that the governments won't release. I feel that it can be very eye opening and awakening to many things that you speak about.
    I'd greatly appreciate it and I'm sure many other would as well.
    Peace be with you

  8. NICC NICC says:

    TURN IT OVER sign? What does it mean… turn over picture?

  9. Tami Joeris says:

    i wasnt even talking about that painting. i was talking about my eperience with some people that had the free mason symbols and were not trying to hide it. thats why i did not take any food from them. you misunderstood my post.

  10. HyPr SHOTS says:

    Not HORIS it's ORIS

  11. Big Mike says:

    "The real messiah was hung from a tree"?!? Jesus Christ was crucified not hung. You need to read your bible and get saved cos you are lost buddy. I recommend a KJV and start in the book of John to learn about salvation.

  12. matt hibbard says:

    Also the pic of the girl of course has only one eye. These pukes make me sick. Nice work. Smiles

  13. We are all very high right now.

  14. I counted 33 bricks and I see the work sex spelled out

  15. Nuzzy Ashton says:

    What do u mean Blacks aren't Africans? Israel is northeast Africa. If u think Israel is the Middle East then where is middle west, south, and north? There's no such thing. They just keep brainwashing us. Israel is Africa.

  16. Jennifer D says:

    washington is gonna take us somewhere and theres no blue in the flag,o somewhere thats not good………..we are so messed up. up until a few months ago i knew nothing of HAARP or The Blue Beam Project.God help us all…

  17. Jennifer D says:

    there is something i would like to know,,,what can a regular person who dosnt like any of this do?????????

  18. your good what u do.. keep up the good work

  19. Horntsnest1 says:

    there a clear sign over the R in the word power that says "turn it over"…

  20. Diamonds, stars, peace signs, a nice little wall. Symbiology every where. What does MENOMONAL mean?

    That this piece of trash won is amazing. It is not even artistically well done (sorry Akilah).

    As for Black-lives-matter, yes, yes they do. BUT!!! PLEASE STOP!!!

    I am sick to death of this pithy, puerile slogan. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

    White lives matter, olive lives matter, even albino lives matter, STOP WITH YOUR RACIST AND DIVISIVE SLOGANS AND PROTESTS! Get a real life, stop with the gang banging and the ghetto speak and the violent pursuit of "street cred." When you stop acting like scum and aspiring to be the worst scum of the lot, you will receive, and deserve, no respect or credit from the decent people of the world.

    Rosa and Martin would not want anything to do with any of you.

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