In this video I expose the illuminati nwo themes in the remake of Doom! I mean obviously there is demonic things in the video game that is a given! But there is …


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  1. omg dude just stop… doom been this way since 1993 still the same in the remake. plus i would think you would like killing demons in a game, how you get the game play you own it ??

  2. Joe King says:

    People are so conformed to the world, they have to make fun of The vigilant Christian cause they want to defend a video game. People are so addicted to the game they can't drop it, so they say mean things to Mario. Satan has swept this world, Christians and non, putting small things like video games into their lives as a distraction from the One true God. God blessed you with this time, do you think He wants you to use it on any video game that gets you no where in life? Video games and movies teach you nothing and are a complete waste of time and full of violence. If people were really Christians they wouldn't look for things to make them content. God ultimately fills you with His love and you won't need to chase things of the world or Satan. Anybody can make fun of this comment, but who cares. You cannot offend a dead man, as I am dead in the flesh, but not my spirit. Die to self to have the mind of Christ. Mark 8:34-35Keep up the good work Mario. You have helped me see the true evil that used to be in my life.

  3. TNraised615 says:

    I'm sorry man but I have to give a dislike to you! I mean its so obvious you don't know what your talking about. Just let games  exposed have his lane and you have yours. Hold this L Mario

  4. iam tellez says:

    So they use a game that bluntly says "demons bad, go kill" to secretly brain wash us into thinking it's good? I r confused

  5. Looks like two pyramids and new technology above it in the word "doom" interesting

  6. Sir Lambkin says:

    This unholy game displeases me. I've slaughtered my enemies in that wretched realm, and only managed to gain weapons that are not of my choice.

  7. Ok I was at wal mart yesterday and someone was wearing a hat with the free mason logo on it.

  8. Eli Gomez says:

    the illuminati doesn't exist anymore…

  9. well "someone" or "something" wrote it, just like you did.

  10. But…..but…..the game is about killing demons…..and stopping the secret society……

  11. Also Olivia Pearce isn't an intelligent machine she was one of the scientist who started the whole thing vega is the A.L. The reason she looks like that is because she has a crippling disease if you read the info given to you throughout the game then you would know that


  13. I get what he means by this video he thinks the plot is gonna come true which is retarded but I don't think he meant the game is itself demonic

  14. ZCurse100 says:

    Is the new Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion satanic?

  15. I hope one day you come to realize that this stuff doesn't bring people to Christ, it drives them away. You've been trained to see threats to your salvation everywhere by fundamental Christianity, and though you mean well, this is distracting you from the real world. You say Satan is deceiving us, but it seems that you are the one being led astray. I don't blame you, I blame fundamentalism.

  16. hillsong is gonna unite with the pope in 2016

  17. gamers279 says:

    Just wait till a bunch of doom fan boys see the oh they are going to piss at you Mario

  18. Luis Luis says:

    this video in one comment "hey guys doom is about demons so it is satanic and it if it satanic it part of illuminati"

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