Dr. Jerome Corsi: World War 3 is About to Begin! 1/2


author and journalist Jerome Corsi Obama speaks and orchestrated the attacks in Iran . Alex also talks about Kentucky Senator Rand Paul proposed …


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  1. MrCoalmin says:

    i can't watch this

  2. TheSeaMyst says:

    look up and see there out there friend. Do not love the world or anything in it because it all passes away remember those words I honestly believe they do not know that man’s laws have become viler than even Satan’s who the prince of this earth is. I believe that the I AM does not want me to save earth or I would have already friend I am a scientist A friend to a friend is good help the poor the meek have their lot don't be like them they, are going to inherit fire! Some will be spared though

  3. TheSeaMyst says:

    Because they do not know what they are doing is wrong.

  4. SRV1 says:

    well yourrrr name is sludggulper lol shut the fuck up and learn.

  5. SRV1 says:

    open your eyes and see whats going on in the world and quit watching reality shows

  6. SRV1 says:

    lol you dumbass! hes doing this shit slow and easy so dummies like you wont see it! what about him passing the Defense authorization act?? what ya think of that fucktard! hope they take you in and hold you for eternity without charges or a hearing if they thinkkk you did or said something that they think isnt in line with what they believe. Go do it please! Your comment on here i replied to shows how ignorant and immature you are now go slap your momma for me jeeezzz

  7. SRV1 says:

    you watch the news lately?? probably the obuma backed msnbc lol wise up spermgobler

  8. 6yka66RUS says:

    alex jones fucking retard giving a bad name to all "conspiracy theorists"

  9. The answer is ages old – KILL THE RICH. KILL THE LEADERS. The poor soldiers on either side have more in common with each other than they do with their evil leaders. Everyone knows Hamas is paid by Zionists to fire rockets into Israel, to give Israel an excuse to continue the genocide. Same thing in Syria. The answer is TO KILL the bankers behind it all. In ALL countries. THAT is the world war we need – THE WORLD against the rich scum causing it all.

  10. and NO…about Al Queada. Al Queada is paid by Zionist bankers. It is NOT the Muslim brotherhood. It's the bankers of America and Europe. THEY caused WWI and WWII, and now they are starting WWIII. Let's KILL them before it happens!!!

  11. Corsi is a paranoid nutcase: Israel can't do anything militarily without the US behind it! Iran has not been an aggressive state since the late 1800's. It has been conquered and manipulated by Britain, Russia, the US until the '79 Islamic Revolution. It was attacked by Iraq and Saddam Hussein for oil territory in 1980; Hussein was given arms by France, Russia, Spain in the billions of dollars and Reagan allowed Hussein to gas thousands of civilians to support Iraq.
    Wiki the facts on the ME.

  12. I,m very leery on Blowhard Jones…..Time tells All…not to mention Corsi is making a fortune from his books and appearances…….

  13. LOL, Alex probably;y has a bed next to Odumma in the Denver bunker…….In catastrophe, my friends, it will be every man for himself!!! Study history. and watch it repeat itself!

  14. Russia Today is also ANTI- ISRAEL…..


  16. Wait… this was predicted in 2011?!?!

  17. Any one can predict the future if what your predicting was written centuries ago as a warning and you permit them to happen in hopes that Yahweh will return which he will but at the lord discretion and at the fathers time shame on the world leaders hell is very hot much hotter than the middle east.

  18. Hey Jerry, What The Heck Would You Know Anything & Who Would Believe You as You Have No Credibility Do You, Well for A Christian?

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