Dr Michio Kaku predicts world war 3 ?


A very well known physicist slipping in some interesting words during a college lecture about the future and the involvement of technology in that future.


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  1. ThinkTank255 says:

    "You can NEVER know a complete strangers intentions, If I did have anything to hide I would have removed your comment."

    I've never posted a video, but from what I understand, you don't have the ability to remove individual comments (that would give you the ability to bias your comments without anybody knowing). You can only block all comments or filter ("approve") comments or block users (a feature I think youtube should remove). Either way, people automatically know you are biased.

  2. ThinkTank255 says:


    Hey, dawg. I'm just saying, let your users judge for themselves and post a link to the original video in your video details. That would be the RIGHT thing to do. Otherwise, people automatically know you are biased. I mean, come on, it is clear from the video you took the quote completely out of context. I don't know what your motivation for this is (there are all kinds of religious wackos out there that want to start WW3 to prove their religion is right). I really don't care either.

  3. ThinkTank255 says:

    That "guy" is a VERY famous physicist, and this quote is taken completely out of context. Watch the original video and see for yourself:


  4. lilkapz says:

    Can't be bothered arguing with you. Read the description to the video carefully and stop trying to act as if you know my intentions because you don't.. the videos intentions are purely informative.. I don't fear monger like the average Alex Jones.

  5. lilkapz says:

    I have not directed this to or against any religious teachings.. so obviously thats not my motive lol.. anywho do as you please and think what you want…

    to those who believe me, cheers, those who don't, cheers.. LOL

  6. dumber than a bucket of bricks you are. May the Annunaki give you a swift DNA harvest, and strike it off the registry.

  7. this guy knows a lot about things we the people want to know.

  8. No! You didn't understand: he's talking under an HIPOTHETICAL situation during cold war.


  10. WW3 will not easily start because:
    1.if an country attacks that could mean nuclear war
    2.if ww3 breaks out it would destroy the attackers and the defenders!
    3.and last no one would understand what war is going on right now at this moment but no one can see it!

  11. DaRealFacts says:

    This guy is wrong..Al Gore invented the Internet…Just ask him…haha

  12. Taken out of context… He means that during cold war the Internet was created to rebuild the country IF the WW3 would happen…

  13. Absent V()iD says:

    Watch it again, Internet WAS created to avoid a nuclear war with the Soviets during WW2, not WW3 as he said also he shouldn't say this is how "we are going" to recreate America after WW3 he should say this is how we 'would' recreate America after WW2.

  14. ThinkTank255 says:

    I think you missed my point. That was exactly what I was saying. I was saying THIS video is taking the quote from THE OTHER video out of context. I am not sure if you realize it, but the guy who put this video up is OBVIOUSLY just trying to get hits by taking a quote from a famous physicist out of context.

  15. Let's not forget that the internet was not the only tool of war invention to be turned into a public fascination.

    There's also the Slinky!

  16. Zachery Omi says:

    The illuminati/ aliens/demons/ ( what ever you wanna call them ), are planing a ww3
    we MUST WAKE up and love each other, cuz LOVE IS THE KEY/ answer

  17. luapjb says:

    no…it's interesting that he seems to have inside information about the Pentagon's motives behind creating the internet….don't you think we are on track for it though? The economy is in dire straits, the US wants to continue to go to war in the middle east…something's gotta give.

  18. You all who say this is out of context. I just watched the entire video. This was a new segment in his speech. "Rebuild America after New York City is in ruins, Los Angeles and Chicago vaporized. That's how we're gonna RE-CREATE America after World War III." mentioning L.A. and Chicago being vaporized?!!

    Wake up! He's being paid more than we can imagine to say these things. There are other things going on.

  19. fasthandsz says:

    Taken out of context, WW3 in regards to the cold war ( he said nuclear war, should have said cold war for the derps) 

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