Drone Footage of a Battlefield “Victory” in the Orwellian Permanent War

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World War 3 has already started, although the global fervor has a good bit of ramping up still to do and people are still a bit shy about calling it that.

Drone Footage of a Battlefield “Victory” in the Orwellian Permanent War

Russia is now flying sorties over Syria against CIA-backed ISIS and other militant groups. Rhetoric and propaganda is building daily, and China is on the brink of entering Syria. Israel and the US aren’t sure who to attack next, while Iran and Turkey are threatening to get more heavily involved. Iraq, meanwhile, is an on-going bloodbath, and surrounding nations are in various states of extreme duress and explosive tyranny. Northern Africa is a power vacuum after the take down of Libya and millions are fleeing the region as the refugee crisis in Europe explodes.

The military industrial complex in coordination with government and the global financiers of war have been pushing for decades for the total destabilization of the area, and stand to profit significantly as the situation deteriorates further. As the madness from this spreads across the globe, they’ll make sure that there are more war materials available than there is food.

As the pitch rises and and human beings lose more of their connection to humanity, the propagandists and pundits who manufacture consent for the oligarchy will beat us over the head with the idea that victory must come at all costs. That we must endure and sacrifice until the end. This is how it always happens. We’re to be pawns. Pawns are told what to do. 

So what does a ‘victory’ look like in WW3 and in the War on Terror?

A Kurdish man talks with a radio as he checks the eastern part of the Syrian border town of Kobane, known as Ain al-Arab, on January 28, 2015. Kurdish forces recaptured the strategic town on the Turkish frontier on January 26 in a symbolic blow for the jihadists who have seized swathes of territory in a brutal onslaught across Syria and Iraq. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC (Photo credit should read BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Drone footage taken in the aftermath of the battle for Kobane, a once bustling Syrian city that borders with Turkey, gives us a pretty clear picture of what it takes to win the type of war that is now growing like wildfire in the region. ISIS entered the town in 2014 and began raping and beheading people, causing mass exodus into Turkey. A US-led coalition assisted by airstrikes temporarily drove ISIS from the area in June of 2015 after months of fierce fighting, giving the coalition an opportunity to assess the damage.


The presented aerial footage gives you an idea of what it takes to ‘win.’ It’s being called a ‘grim victory.’ Semantics is key to propaganda, you see.

As far as the eye can see, the destruction is jaw-dropping after what was the fiercest and bloodiest battle in the war against ISIS to date.

Thousands fled as the jihadis besieged the border town, subjecting it to daily bombardments and months of bitter street fighting before finally taking control late last year.

The terror group was eventually beaten back into the desert by Kurdish forces and coalition airstrikes that have reduced much of the town to rubble.

To a war profiteer, what you’re about to see looks like a pot of gold and the end a rainbow. Take a look for yourself:

In 2013 it appeared imminent that the US would invade Syria, but the world spoke up and Russia flexed its muscle and the US stood down. Now, after a mere 2 short years, Al Qaeda has morphed into ISIS and the situation in Syria has devolved tragically to apocalyptic levels. Their entire society and culture is being wiped out by the Grand Chess Masters.

Sadly, ISIS is already attacking Kobane again, thus demonstrating a gruesome truth of the Orwellian permanent war: there is no such thing as victory. 

Check out the real situation. Nation war against nation. Where did it all begin? When will it end? Well, it seems like total destruction is the only solution.

If there are any books, or people for that matter, left on the planet after all this plays out it will be noted that 2015 was the year that the world shifted from a slowish-burn to an all-out raging pissing contest of mutual destruction. We’re now under a blood moon. Be forewarned, and do your part to grind against the gears of war.

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