Drug Addicted Children Documentary 2015 HD


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  1. maynordj says:

    shut up nobody wants to talk about cannabis go f*** away

  2. This host is a hypocrite. She shoots my load up her twat and needs her fix every day or else her body goes in shock.

  3. Pitch Quiet says:

    Tangerine, highly insensitive, totally uninformed and sadly you've missed the point…

  4. Stupid fucking bitch narrator adding her shitty fake dramatic spin to her speech she should have been stoned to death

  5. dont blame the american people blame the government making sheep drop bombs on the innocent

  6. migrantchick says:

    great documentary. the interruptions asking me to subscribe can shove it. Not a subscriber.

  7. sgt. Nickel says:

    god bless america. so sad… poor kids need some guidance and real hobbies…. put them to work rebuilding and they will have self respect and they can do something productive… good job northamerica on ruining what used to be beautiful farmland and country side. bloody shame.. bush, and obama, stephen harper, tony blair, this is on you. the war destroyed afghanistan not drugs… the drugs are aftermath…

  8. Jana Roos says:

    i dont blame them .. only thing that takes them from reality

  9. what a shithole

  10. Tina Barker says:

    So who exactly did the war on Afghanistan help…apparently not the children. This is the cruel side of a war American people have praised for so long. 

  11. Her voice is hella sexy not even ganna lie

  12. That Milf is hot 10/10 would bang

  13. Taylor Leng says:

    Saddest thing ever, hope this place gets blessed and cured

  14. Jack Wongen says:

    Where's the "Occupy Movement",  NOT IN MY NAME!   America, we have been fighting (15) Years, and many more Human Beings have to die on both sides.   Have we not gotten our "Payback" in blood yet?    War is a racket.   May God forgive us, and those who lead this Nation, stop this MADDNESS!!

  15. eye C says:

    شي يزعل

  16. elfmcdee says:

    Id be a junkie too if i knew that the united states would try to kill my ass

  17. He is a little butt slut that's crazy

  18. America pumped my fucking country too and I lost my mom since than and my father lost everything he ever worked hard for!! And i have one single brother that's younger than me and we all have health problem now and we don't get along anymore we all live sappret . I wish the same happen to your families so you can taste your own fucking medicine. God is there. Fuck life isn't fare.

  19. Can we just stop wars??? Take all the oil you want dumb fucks.

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