Dubai Airport Baggage Handling Inner Workings in 4k – Dubai Flow Motion: Extended


An extended scene from Dubai Flow Motion: Video captures the inner-workings of transferring baggage from landing flights onto …


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  1. MR Beckham says:

    I am proud to live in Dubai?

  2. Hi# Bye# says:

    Wow , Respect !

  3. 1F Time says:

    what is this music?

  4. ArktechFilms says:

    Me: Where the fuck is the man who owns that luggage?!

  5. can someone from hear help me please

  6. wild Zamil says:

    please sub, view, like my video now

  7. It seems much easier that they put the suitcases in crates so that they won't be thrown.

  8. airplanes are so cute I wanna cuddle with them so bad ????????????????

  9. Michael says:

    Wow they have their own little underground highway system.

  10. Hiramek C says:

    So clear time lapse at begging did u use any filter for highlights? super cool!

  11. Yeah kya bakhchodi hai

  12. Chad B says:

    The Ministry Of Silly Walks!..:-)

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