Dubai Plane Crash


Dramatic mobile phone footage of Emirates Boeing 777 plane crash in Dubai. An Emirates Airline flight from India caught fire after making an emergency landing …


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  1. Ian Holden says:

    sad day for the fire fighter

  2. EnragedPanda says:

    Alright…. picks up phone
    Yeah is this Brady?
    Yeah we got another one.
    Yes Grey is gonna be so excited about the return of plane crash corner.
    No that wasn't sarcasm….
    Okay maybe a little.

  3. Jimbo Jones says:

    Such a rich airport and they couldn't even put a plane fire out. Sad news for the firefighter, probably poorly trained and lacking equipment…

  4. Hoon Key lee says:

    So did anybody die?

  5. XHYPEREXx_ says:

    Who wants to bet some person on that plane saiid"ALU AK BAR"

  6. OrangeJuicyy says:

    Pokemon in the engine

  7. I'm going Dubai tmrw

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