Early Russian Jet Aircraft 1930 to 1945 Including World War II – Раннего российский самолет


Early Soviet Jet Aircraft Sources – BICh-11/RP-1 Experimental Rocket Glider from 1933 – 1933 – http://www.airwar.ru/enc/law1/bich11.html …


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  1. I had no idea the soviets had jet fighters in ww2 great video.

  2. All the designers of these jets
    Were all put in prison

  3. mike che says:

    Moskalev jet sam or sigma?
    I think Delta wing 

  4. Alfa011 says:

    Fantastic video as always. Music most interesting as the subject.

  5. With the compliments, it's very interesting and rare, with picture and original plans.
    First experiments of rocket fighters are coming from the same experience of gliders as german Me 163, In my opinion Soviets were disadvantage because they were not so forward in the oxidants chemistry . Pistons – jet  hybrids were common to many countries as italian Macchi – Castoldi, that was the first. In reality, Soviets were  not able to make a jet….

  6. William Cox says:

    Very nice.  Thanks for posting!

  7. wdowa94 says:

    Bartini 114 is a beuty!

  8. Kenny M says:

    Wow excellent video

  9. we need this in war thunder , NOW!!!!

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