Earth Under Water History Channel Documentary


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  1. What an optimistic documentary – I should imagine that by 2100 we will have nuked ourselves to death.

  2. We are coming again and this time we will kill you terrorist [email protected] fellow americans days are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chris Pascoe says:

    I suggest ALL Americans learn to swim. :D

  4. Chris Pascoe says:

    Sensible humans would go and live in the higher elevations. Stupid humans would either lose everything……. or die. Simples.

  5. Alan Friesen says:

    With the investments made in coastal metopoli I wonder if people will just continue to build and operate in cities where the first few floors are under water. I know the areas between the cities are in trouble, but I think the cities might actually adapt to a semi-aquatic existence where new construction is designed to rise out of the sea and the traffic lanes are either reserved for watercraft or supporting floating streets. Of course if they can't survive the storms…

  6. jamie hogg says:

    A large part of the world's population live near the sea or rivers. And there isn't enough hilly/mountainous bit for everyone.

  7. Hillary Clinton is nagging that the permafrost is melting too fast in Siberia, in the North Polar region. Simultaneously, Hillary is also very concerned about the ice melting too quickly in the Antarctic in the South polar area. So we now have compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton is Bipolar.

  8. Why is our government subsidizing flood insurance? We should be subsidizing building homes at 300 foot elevation levels. Make a timetable shutting off road maintenance 10 years prior to graduated elevation levels using predicted sea level rise models. On the plus side – We will save billions in not having to dredge our ports and coastal waterways : ) I will not have to worry about running aground in my sailboat : )

  9. Torro444 says:

    Fossil fuels! When it's all said and done : It's all about the money!

  10. Stan Smith says:

    i wouldn't evan fix up New Orleans up it will just flood again

  11. funny cause no government WILL take this seriously until it is to late, sorry people you should of thought about it soon

  12. ODCM Videos says:

    And of course, the solution is floated at the end of population control. All of this is propaganda getting you ready to be culled and programming you to actually WANT to be. Global warming is going to happen whether Man is here or not, it always has happened, it always will happen. Ice Ages and Warming Periods. But, no one will listen to the thousands of scientists who will tell you that, who are silenced by the media, while they tell you the debate is "settled" about Man-Made Global Warming.

    And sure, we need to cut down on pollution, not because of GW, but because its causing cancers. But, the idea that Co2, the very thing that plants BREATHE is the cause of this all is ridiculous.

  13. so, did anyone hear any plans from president elect Trump to deal with environmental issues?

  14. MR CRAB LEGS says:

    Time to get a new boat ⛵️

  15. Eric Chang says:

    Europe is the cradle of civilization? Triggered!

  16. Mark Fosdick says:

    If the sea level is rising why is all the coastal area land prices skyrocketing?

  17. Red states first, please.

  18. moist faucet says:

    Diving in the city with water is awesome….

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