EAS World War 3 Attack


Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play, greatest thing to go outside and get some exercise, but then it becomes a severe problem when russians and north …


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  1. ApoNapo4 says:

    North Koreans xD, you killed any credibility at that moment.

  2. hplexmark1 says:

    i'm kind of confused…why would the canadaian or mexican military be in any position to help people in new york or the southern US get to shelters?

  3. Thekidrise says:

    @hplexmark1 not only the u.s. is under attack but the Canada and Mexico as well. so they all have to work together and help others from the attacks.

  4. Jack Rowan says:

    Yay, Nevada!

    I can fight in the war! :op

  5. Thekidrise says:

    radio or tv from a store


  7. ZandDmovies says:

    nope its homefront

  8. Corinthian says:

    Play outside? *EAS States that WW3 started* Me: Seems legit.

  9. FS9Will says:

    So they just simply skipped Canada or Mexico somehow? They would have to at least get through Canada when they're coming through from the North. By that time, we've already sent forces to assist.

  10. viacomsux45 says:

    This is the prequel to the Fallout series lol

  11. CarterGaming says:

    DANGIT I can't fight I'm in South Carolina 

  12. Since when would there be an EAS during Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play?

  13. "Kids get outside and play" nuke drops

  14. This looks fake… Even if it's a fake EAS, it has a fake design.

  15. Martin Reed says:

    strange how they knew almost 2016? ideas on ..prepping time now all,family relatives bord up sisters children cant to little to try to.

  16. Jacque Arias says:

    I pretty sure that if a kid was watching this he or she can been scared and Been crying

  17. Gael Tellez says:

    make a grounded warning

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