East Vs. West World War 3 Timelapse


Only a small country , I decided it would be fun to do as Yugoslavia . East vs. West is a game no longer in production , as it has been deleted. However, luck …


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  1. I  guess you could call them Yugo*BLOB*ia!

    kill me for bad puns

  2. Good job TIto,i always knowed you are good leader.!Death to facist,fredoom to peaple!

  3. digflame1234 says:

    what music was used in this?

  4. sockhead579 says:

    Does anyone know how to get defcon 1? Thanks!

  5. coolsoeb says:

    How do you play this on mac?

  6. OMG! Do a Israel lets play on east vs vest! CptObviousKyle !

  7. The Cold War is my favourite era/time in history….I hate that Paradox cancelled this game

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