Easter Egg Tutorial: Locust Duck Hunt (World First)


WORLD FIRST *** The “Locust Duck Hunt” Easter Egg Tutorial In this video, we break down how to do the Locust Duck Hunt Easter Egg. This was first found by …


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  1. Excelent easter egg
    i am from MEXICO

  2. EdgarGU :v says:

    im coming from SparCkL, like <3

  3. Vengo de Sparckl, saludos

  4. mario ruiz says:

    ho my gooooooood

  5. Youve been probably paid for this

  6. Luis Jimenez says:

    I come from "Sparckl" ?
    Nice vídeo ???  +SparCkL

  7. 5 years later, and the community found a new Easter Egg, that says a lot, because there are a lot of Easter Eggs in the game, and we thought we were done with the game, but….  wow….. 5 years since the release of this game…. damn, good old days

  8. Yoel Lopez says:

    theres an ester egg on slab MP map i can only get to stepping on the rat and i hear a laugh but after that idk what to do

  9. N00BPUN1SH3R says:

    no way that's so cool, surely there can't be any more left?

  10. Pollo Frito says:

    Like si vienes por dross y pewdiepie

  11. muy bien que chingon

  12. N00BPUN1SH3R says:

    are you going to go through the Judgment capaign easter egg hunting? I remember Jim Brown saying there were still a few left undiscovered

  13. like si vienes por el link de SparCkL :v

  14. nice video gears of war is 2011 and 5 years you can now a new easter egg

  15. CoogaGames says:

    omg bro buenas visitas!

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