Easy Ways to Get Ready for School Faster! | Aspyn Ovard


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  1. Vilde Irgens says:


  2. Elena yousef says:

    OMG your haaair. It's gotten so long suddenly! So beautiful with the color as well. Please do a video on it! <333

  3. Wow really my school starts at 7:15

  4. Ro and Fran says:

    The app is Morning Routine from Ubicolor

  5. Keeley Brown says:

    You know you said you used to have to get up at 6 AM well I get up at 5:30 AM just so I can go to school because the taxi picks me up at 8 AM and then it's an hours drive to my school from my house. Crazy huh?

  6. Only problem with the hair styles
    My hair goes just below my shoulders and its layered
    I can't even put it in a messy bun

  7. Emily Toth says:

    I heard Troye Sivan and I gasped

  8. foxface herb says:

    my school starts at 7

  9. Who else got really bothered by the fact that the video was 6:59

  10. Abi Huff says:

    Love you Aspyn!

  11. Loved the video !! Great vid !! love you aspyn ❤️❤️❤️

  12. My school starts at 8 i get up at 6

  13. Sav Byers says:

    this was done great!

  14. Eralys Leon says:

    I love you aspyn

  15. Shes so pretty and perfect!

  16. can you please do a what's in my makeup bag!!

  17. Wow my school starts 7:20

  18. your hair is so nice aspyn <3

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