ECC 2016 / Arcadia CA / Vape Convention


Thank you to VM Distribution for shipping me off to CA for ECC and to represent Zophielicious. Check out my e-liquid, Zophielicious 🙂 There’s Pineapple Cream …


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  1. MercyPackage says:

    Dismantled, the toilet would have fit in your luggage.

  2. Sorry you had to leave the commode behind. I know what its like to be heartbroken when you just cant have the porcelain that you want.

  3. Karen Powell says:

    Did you see grimm green?

  4. Man, just another reason why I should have made the trip down to ECC. Looks like you had a blast.

  5. Matt H. says:

    I was gonna go to ECC but I'm just too broke 🙁 It looks like it was a lot of fun! Thanks for posting this vid so I can at least vicariously experience ECC! lol

  6. Nice looks like you had a good time.

  7. Nice Video and Frank V FGot a big Old Hug at the very End of the Video. He is such an awesome Guy!!

  8. William Long says:

    i do not support ECC i don't smoke electronic cigarettes. I VAPE we need to get rid of the damn Cigarette stigma

  9. haymaker710 says:

    I was there on Saturday but I didn't see you there. Were you there the whole weekend?

  10. iTzdeaBadox1 says:

    Grimmgreen, ohmboyoc and twistedmesses was there!!:)

  11. FRANK V. says:

    What a great vid!! It was awesome to see us share that special "ECC vape event hug" at the end!! 🙂 Had a GREAT time hanging and talking with you Zophie! Really a good time! Thank you again!

  12. Liter Bro says:

    vape convention cool beans didn't know they had those time for google

  13. Sleepy people, fancy toilets, engineering geeks (which are some of my favorite peeps), clouds of smoke, and shwifty music~ Awesome video^^

  14. Yay!!! Our booth was in the video! 6:45 ! Awesome video and glad you had a great time at ECC!

  15. Vad Kirill says:

    WTF? Never seen a toilet?

  16. Jose Pagan says:

    this might be a stupid question, but can you take mods batteries and Ejuice in your carry on when flying? I ask cause I'm flying this Monday.

  17. BikerGeorge1 says:

    Gorgeous when you first wake up as well!

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