Economic Collapse vs. European Migrant Crisis


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  1. Karen W says:

    We are proud Americans . That dude has it wrong . 

  2. Karen W says:

    What's he going to do run hem to America .

  3. As I logically see it, the only thing 'multi-culture' means is immigrants swamping white-run countries and ruining them. Am I wrong?

  4. As a woman I totally acknowledge feminism as being the primary caused of the destruction of the Western family, and thus the low birth rates. Both modern men and women are more detached from each other then we've ever been since there is no real code of conduct or societal standards in place to live by

  5. Laura Kane says:

    When folks have nothing left to lose and a family to care for and keep safe, there is only one thing that will happen. Nothing good.

  6. Please go over and talk to Merkel in person!! They will not go back, they will bring their families to Eurpoe as well. Also, most are not from Syria. 60% of people living from social benefits are migrants. If Germans are paying taxes and not getting much ou, so money for babies, while migrants living from the money they get for their kids, but not paying taxes!! Denmark changed it so… big wonder, less moigrant kids!

  7. The Colonies kicked the crap out of the English and sent them to their graves and back to England. Funny how the tide has turned and the British will have to destroy the EU. England has NUKES USE THEM  on Brussels. !

  8. Absolutely Brilliant! I like that you speak the truth! A lot of it should be obvious but no one says it!

  9. Justicar AB says:

    if you look at rome, rome has done mass purges multiple times in the past. i personally wouldn't feel bad if that is the result for these desert parasitic monsters.

  10. OneEyedKeys says:

    Great talk. Excellent caller, who was well spoken, concise and thorough with his ideas and delivery, starting with a superb question. At under 40 minutes, it provides good density of ideas without any drawn along emotional content some of these videos have. Super!

  11. Biggest 23 says:

    This guy was the best caller you've had for my money. No waffling, well informed, had all his ducks in a row.

  12. give me a teddy bears

  13. Bees sting him in the eyeballs…..too funny

  14. Jackie Klein says:

    I have given money to some charities to help the migrants. However they just keep pestering me for more. When is it all going to end?

  15. Syrians will never go home because they have seen a new standard of living and freedom in the west,something impossible in an self destructive Islamic state.

  16. Wake up Holland. Wake up Europe. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Always remember that the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

  17. good argument Stefan. You have my support

  18. Sigmunt King says:

    Here is what I think. The elites orchestrate this massive immigration of hostile people and cultures into Europe to mix the population which they know that sooner or later will lead to war and genocide.

  19. My question is….if people are watching all this stuff about the wicked plans of the globalists,Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the psychos bent on destroying humanity, why isn't there a rise up? What the fuck is everyone waiting for? If you guys wait for these assholes to get positioned to finish the job, we'll have almost no chance! I think it will be virtually impossible for martial law to be enforced nation-wide! There are enough Americans with weapons…you guys better start getting a fucking plan together!

  20. The answer is, unfortunately, civil war! There are too many dirty fuckers running everything! You have to kill all the traitors, lock up all the bankers and the shit families that fund the reserve, start a new currency, go to the table with the world and work a new deal to repair communities! I suggest you start with Bush, Pelosi, Feinstein,The shitty Clintons, Obama, most of Congress, Wall Street and and everyone over the last 40 years that had anything to do with the country arriving in its present state! I'm sure the KKK,Bloods and Crips could put aside their bullshit to save the country! I would prefer firing squad, but for those that don't approve, chain-gang their asses for 18 hour days, breaking rocks and building cities! The first two should be Hillary and Obama side by side in beautiful jumpsuits! I would watch them for a week, with a glass of Pinot Noir and a half ounce of(Skunk)!

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