Economic World War III & $50,000 Gold | Bill Holter


– Economic World War III ►0:49
– Will the “rigged” system survive the economic war? ►4:40
– Stock market crash before election ►7:24
– Can you thrive during the collapse? ►11:59
– Precious metal breakout ahead ►13:32
– Is it too late to buy gold? ►16:43

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This interview was recorded on Sep 7, 2016.

DISCLAIMER: The financial and political opinions expressed in this interview are those of the guest and not necessarily of “Finance and Liberty” or its staff. Opinions expressed in this video do not constitute personalized investment advice and should not be relied on for making investment decisions.


29 Responses

  1. wing bolt says:

    Looks like we did have an election and Trump won. Stock Market is at all time highs and precious metals are down. Where does Bill stand as of right now?

  2. Motivation says:

    5k is more realistic. If 50k I can definitely see an 80% tax. That I'll take.

  3. Bannana Joe says:

    money=gold and silver so Gold is the only AAA++ financial asset so has no relation to commodities like oil etc, atm it's 0,05 % of the global financial assets… But Elite would never go for gold standard they are too evil to do that lol..

  4. Jason, I like your videos. But I am not pleased how you portray these articles as new, when they are articles from a week to two weeks past that are reconstituted with a new front picture and passed off as a new article.
    Like I say, I like your video reporting, but I think repackaging these articles hurts your credibility a bit.
    Frustrating to sit through a few minutes of a report, only find that I have already viewed it.
    Once again great reports from very reputable Financial Analysts.

  5. jimsjoe1 says:

    The US never did have a good military. They are losing in Iraq, losing in Afghanistan and US troops were just pushed out of Syria by the so called "moderate" terrorists. The US mercenaries in Ukraine got their butts kicked. Vietnam was a total disaster. At best in Korea it was a stalemate. Even in WWII the US refused to enter until the Soviet Union had the Germans running back to Germany and for all practical purposes the war was over.
    Also concerning the elections the president has no authority to cancel or postpone an electron as this is a state right including federal elections. It varies by state on how elections can be postponed for a natural disaster. Some it is the governor, some the election board, others by the secretary of that state and others the government must petition the state courts. This is all fear porn to get you to buy metals.
    The Dow needs a nice correction but as soon as that happens it is going to 20,000 and then to 23,000. The reason is huge international capital flows have been pouring into the dollar and the Dow from Europe, Japan and South America. This will continue as the EU and the euro collapse with negative rates there and in Japan. There is simply no where else to park funds. You certainly are not going to in any southern European bank. Holter has been claiming now for years that the Comex will collapse, financial markets will collapse and the dollar will collapse. It hasn't and it won't.
    The other reason that there will no US collapse is that after the financial problems in 2008/9, the majority of IMF members voted on moving the international financial system away from an uni-polar dollar denominated world to a multi-polar one where the SDR and other countries currencies will be used to settle international trade. This should help the dollar weaken and increase US exports. It will not collapse as the world has to much invested in US assets. China alone has over $1 trillion in dollars, treasuries and other US agency government debt. The BRICSA trade block, the Shanghai Trade Cooperation Association and the Eurasian trade block are all using each other currencies to settle trade now. Where China has set up currency swap agreements they are settling trade now using each other currencies. The partial list includes the UK, the EU, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Syria, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Next month when the yuan is officially included in the basket of currencies backing the SDR, these 3 trade blocks above will use the SDR to settle trade mainly with the west. All of this has been going on since the 2010 agreement. The yuan inclusion is the final phase of this financial transition.
    His claim that gold is going to $50,000 is just total nonsense and so is his reasoning is that it is because of money printing. Folks, printing money does not cause hyperinflation. If you look at the Wiemar Republic they had hyperinflation but it was caused by the government defaulting on their external debt. Cut off from creditors, business could no longer afford to import products and as the products started disappearing from shelves, businesses kept raising the prices because they knew they could not replace them. It had nothing at all to do with money printing. The same is now happening in Venezuela as the inability to replace products on store shelves causes businesses to raise prices substantially causing hyperinflation. Money printing actually causes deflation and asset bubbles in certain sectors of the economy. Now Martin Armstrong's computer models, (he has the largest consulting firm on the planet), are predicting that best price for gold will be $5000 and that will happen only when the sovereign debt crisis really starts to raise its head again and that is 2018.895.
    The only people predicting this nonsense are the people who market metals and those that sell subscription services. No one who has any experience in trading financial markets believes any of this crap! One futures metal trader commented a few months ago on all these claims of gold going to the moon and commented, "If gold went to $50,000, it would do you no good as you couldn't sell it to anybody at that ridiculous price and we would all be living in caves and the better investment would be a baseball bat"!

  6. Until this politically correct mouthpiece who works for one of the biggest members of the (((tribe))) names the Jews, he isn't worth listening to. They all know which side of their bread is buttered. And so they would rather sell out their own race and faith to please a few greedy, rat-faced, hook-nosed Jews. Typical shabbos goy – pathetic in the extreme.

  7. rtmhrj says:

    way too many commercials. Not even TV has them every 5 minutes!!

  8. Gold and silver's demand is nothing but the supply and demand of fear. Most currencies and commodities are pinned the us dollar. There's no intrinsic value in gold, it's just a shinny object that produces nothing, it never kept value and never protected it. If the Us dollars goes to 0, the rest of the world will and holding gold is going to be worthless. The negative correlation in between gold and the us dollar is only valid against a functioning financial market, and with the number of stocks and bonds denominated in us dollar, you're better off stacking water which has intrinsic value or corn. Absolute nonesense of a video.

  9. People are NOT realizing anything unfortunately. I speak with many of my neighbors and they are so far beyond clueless it's amazing.

  10. Bill Holter – if you are right about that there will be no federal elections in the USA due to martial law, the good news is that Hillary Clinton won't be elected as President! – An American listener living in Switzerland. I'm now on vacation in sunny Spain, but when I get back to Switzerland, I'm voting for Trump! – Adios, y vaya con Dios ! – Edward Huitt

  11. Marie Joy says:

    Currency wars always end up as hot wars. In war, there are severe shortages. If you can, STOCK UP on food, drink, supplies, personal items, meds, heirloom seeds, defense, a wood stove and a lot of wood. And HARDEN YOUR SECURITY.

  12. If people lose electricity and water they'll be eating each other in the street in four days. What the ruck are gold coins going to do you in a time like that?

  13. Gregory W says:

    This channel once believed in the 2016 grain pyramids of Ben Carson when I knew all along that Donald Trump was the man who would win. I just cant get over that. needs to explain how they could believe in those grain pyramids.

  14. bozeman14 says:

    stop this gold crap. if we can't control this – then shut-up. this is an exercise in futility.

  15. more hot Holter air

  16. kevin joseph says:

    too much fear. 'election probably wont happen' 'lights out' etc. in first 10 minutes.

  17. MrLTiger says:

    your video has been stolen by Dollar Collapse 2016

  18. jmcarp98 says:

    This does not sound good for the U.S. China has all the manufacturing for sure, and the gold too near as I can tell. Over here in Taiwan they encourage their citizens to buy gold. You can buy right at the bank:)

  19. StudioArtFX says:

    A billionaire would just get on his plane and head to Shanghai or New Zealand.

  20. chrisiden says:

    anyone think if gold goes up that the govt will confiscate it? i love gold but silver one can buy so many more coins… but then again its so bulky and heavy compared with gold…

  21. pipefitters1 says:

    Why would china having a 3-5 dollar premium make china's gold more attractive?

  22. CrazyDiamond says:

    Overdoing it with the commercials brother. You font want to start losing viewers now. The channel is awesome otherwise. Keep up the awesome work!

  23. John Leonard says:

    if a dollar is worth 0.00, how can you place a dollar amount on gold or silver? How do you sell something when money isn't money?

  24. radiomanze1 says:

    Can we stop calling it correction

  25. radiomanze1 says:

    we are already following Zimbabwe. Soon we will also have a 100 trillion dollar bill which will be worth 3 bucks

  26. kuchek says:

    If I was some head of state that was decent and had to deal w Obummer and his puppets I'd want to rough him up a bit now that I have the upper hand. That statement is not probable as there is no decent head of state;) . A

  27. nate bohnen says:

    Love Bills work and listening to him speak. Perfect for my Friday night. Thanks

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