Edward Leedskalnins and Nikola Teslas Secret of the Egyptians


The dawn of the Electron and it’s flows of current defining technology and war

At the beginning of the 21st century, an era was about to unfold where a body of hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of work attempting to understand the nature of the universe had given rise to an understanding of the atom, giving an understanding and complete scientific insight to basic electron-based technology involing the manipulation of the circulation of propogated waves of current through metal conductors, and insulators, not only would this discovery flourish, but 2 world wars would be fought after and during it’s so-called free and modern scientific evolution, those 2 world wars would be finished in just 30 years, this fermented a new war – the so-called ‘cold war’ political situation experienced for 2 decades, and mostly as a result of the shift of world power due to the events occuring in Nazi Germany during the Second World War, the space-faring technology it had produced and developed and the scientists that had designed and created the technology, and most likely evolved around a form of mistrust most likely partially generated from both the USSR and the Allied recoveries of surviving Nazi Scientific Documents & Research Instruments, most of which we are to know little about – most of which still is largely unknown – or undiscussed.

Edward Leedskalnins and Nikola Teslas Secret of the Egyptians

It was during this time Edward Leedskalnin and Nikola Tesla did much of their work which directly involved: The secret of the egyptians.

So it would come to pass; what Nikola Tesla discovered and created what most famously became the Tesla Coil, but more redundantly should be known as the Tesla Transformer – the secret of the egyptians not yet beknown to you – to be identical – to Edward Leedskalnins discovery. In Tesla’s biography – he (Tesla) claims he saw a magnificent sight of the Sun, and saw 4 windings on each pole of the circle. In short the same thing that inspired Tesla to create the transformer, the very object that gave him the idea of the transformer, was also the very idea that gave the Egyptians their life and philosophy – the ever-great sun. Indeed, again, in Tesla’s Biography he describes- “a triumph befitting of king solomon himself” – after describing a working flying machine, supposedly, that Nikola Tesla claimed that he himself flew in. An interesting term to use – the least after such a great and befitting story of a flying machine.

Tesla and EDL’s Unusual Discoveries

“Resistance is a force in the universe, that under a very special condition, can be inverted, and directed towards the same polarity as the current.”

“When the resistance runs in the same electron-flow direction as the current, we have a very special condition, like a magnet; The flow, of North South exchange being balanced in an unbalanced configuration, like in the permanent magnet, which is perpetually orbiting currents, except in this case with electrons responsible for the EMF turning of the wheel. We have in short Ed Leedskalnins Perpetual motion holder. (It is rather not the perpetual motion holder itself but its ability to use the concept of the differential from North and South exchanging, to create the unbalancing required by Newtons law of motion – obtaining an aether field with excess energy.)”

“Phase Velocities of the Tesla Transformer factually exceed the speed of light C, allowing effect-before-cause waveform propogation in form of modulated impulse distortions, importantly allowing the transformer to operate in counter-space. EDL’s device if at all – would work the same.”

“The Earth perpetually orbits, as sure as the gravity wave that travels faster than light allowing it to stay there.”

“A permanent magnet, such as the earth is in constant exchange , and constant movement, there is exchange at the equator meridian, PHI, where North and South poles exchange in their greatest numbers. The North and South are in perpetual electron-ic movement, their concentrations upon the earth vary. No energy is required for this permanence – as the forces are balanced. Perpetual motion does not exist say you science? You do not even see the ground that you stand on, it perpetually orbits the sun as surely as a magnet perpetually alternates current at high rates. Just as [all matter in the universe does], [it moves around – at high rate – ]not says Edward Leedskalnin or I, or Tesla, says Richard Feynman, renowned Quantum Physicist and nobel prize winner, and author of Q.E.D. To quote him directly ‘everything in the universe is in perpetual movement’ “.

“Counter-space as Tesla and Eric Dollard accurately describes is a wave that does not travel through space per time (like a regular sinusoidal trasverse wave), it actually travels per space time (as a longitudinal non transverse wave with an infinite amplitude) – and has the ability to connect two points in space – where – with the waves that Tesla and Leedskalnin worked with – because the amplitude was infinite (e.g. longitudinal there could not actually be any space inbetween that ‘required’ crossing. Exactly hence, why these waveforms exhibited an interesting kind of absent-resistance. And that is why Tesla describes it as a ‘means to overcome’ distance, because the waves being generated were not persay transmitting faster than C, but rather generating amplitudes that nullified distance as a significant limiting factor in efficacy.”

“In a space ship without a diffraction grating window, the sun is invisible to the naked eye, the sun emits NON-TRANSVERSE WAVES, the sun emits Tesla’s longitudinal waves, you only see the reflections (or transverse) waves, e.g. standing on the surface of earth you see the sun via the atmospheric interaction, in the same way you observe the aurora borealis in the North Pole sky.

“Do you see light in a vacuum? No. Light can indeed travel through it but you cannot see the light itself revealed by a reflection inside that vacuum, it is because light is not transverse. Matter creates the light when interacting with other electron particles, such as the atmosphere, such as a metal, (that are like gratings of levels rotating perpetually at differing but fairly high frequency in perpetual balance)”

Tesla Coil Diagram, Eric Dollard, Primary & Secondary Coils

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The Tesla Transformers Operation

“Nikola Tesla’s transformer works by using a cycling high voltage AC transformer (neon transformer) in series with a spark gap to define any given frequency of pulsation (usually very high) (determined by capacitor(s) charging in parallel to spark gap), spark gap determines the firing speed of the primary coil – as well as the capacitor, the primary coil inducts current to the secondary coil, and the secondary coil inducts (without means of spark gap induction in its parallel) a current into the 3rd coil. Most Tesla Coils do not have a 3rd winding, this is not a Tesla Coil as tesla designed it. Teslas coil is a magneto-dielectric circuit effect, that creates reverse resistance in the primary/spark gap area – by means of spark gap only – but by requirement of the rest of the circuit being there – although not well understood – this configuration requirement is because of the ‘shape of the aether and its currents’ – as are drawn on the Pennsylvania Masonic Grand Lodge on the Norman ceiling. It is these currents that Edward Leedskalnin based the design of his flywheel on.”

“Nikola Tesla achieved a kind of overunity using the same vortex paterns as Edward Leedkslanin (as seen on grand masonic lodge of pennsylvania) – but it wasn’t really overunity – the aether explains it nicely, and claimed it was free energy for the world. Actually, the patterns on the pennsylvania lodge ceiling – they are the aether under different magnetic alignments”

“The tesla coil is a unique kind of wave guide”.

“As maxwell stated, and nearly all of the quantum physics field: light (photons, quanta), electrons (spinning currents) are made up of the same thing, but cross over in time and space. Electrons can and do travel at faster than the speed of light. Light can and does travel at faster and slower than the speed of light. It is exactly using this phase variance that Tesla , EDL and many others achieved such ‘overunity’ affects.”

“For it is not over unity my friend, it is field unity – an undiscovered field unity. Much like the human mind struggles to realise an infinite amplitude longitudinal wave, if indeed Tesla did create it – is at all points in the universe at all times – theoretically as its infinite amplitude would give an instant effect – one that science tells us does not exist (an instant effect) – yet gravity itself appears to work this way.”

I live not in ignorance – not I.

Edward Leedskalnin states in his book something that Tesla knew
This is the basis of the secret of the Egyptians

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Masonic links to Egypt, King Solomon. Linking Pennsylvania Grand Lodge with Edward Leedskalnins Work (and clues)

Now, I will show you the swirling high speed streams of North and South are alike not only our + and – on our electricity, and not only do they not have to be + and – , but running + and – against eachother represents everything that Tesla and EDL were trying to move away from. The Masons, know – through solomons knowledge – the deepest masonic understanding of the Egyptian secret – the swirling aether – atlantis, gilgamesh, christ, their names all speak. The secret to Little or no losses! The secret to the creation of new aether waves not widely used in this culture currently.

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Drop Below (Edward Leedkslanin, Nikola Tesla, Reverse Resistance, and Vertical Shifting – and matching it to the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge drawing)

THE FLIPPING HORIZONTALLY IS THE DROPPING BELOW. BY EDL and Nikola Tesla Dropping below on the vertical plumb level, they are changing the polarity, or the direction of the HORIZONTAL level. (by inverting it at 180 degrees).

i.e. dropping below is like flipping horizontally.
i.e. this is how the positive field is split from the negative field to release the potential of the red sun. this is, the secret of the sun – the egyptians, of ed and Tesla.

Shamash – of Sumerian anquity

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Babylonian, early 9th century BC
From Sippar, southern Iraq
Souce: British Museum Of Antiquity

The following text is a direct quote from the British Museum of Antiquity http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore…f_shamash.aspx

The restoration of the Sun-god’s image and temple

This stone tablet shows Shamash, the sun-god, seated under an awning and holding the rod and ring, symbols of divine authority. The symbols of the Sun, Moon and Venus are above him with another large sun symbol supported by two divine attendants. On the left is the Babylonian king Nabu-apla-iddina between two interceding deities.

The cuneiform text describes how the Temple of Shamash at Sippar had fallen into decay and the image of the god had been destroyed. During the reign of Nabu-apla-iddina, however, a terracotta model of the statue was found on the far side of the Euphrates and the king ordered a new image be constructed of gold and lapis lazuli. The text then confirms and extends the privileges of the temple.

The tablet was discovered some 250 years later by King Nabopolassar (625-605 BC), who placed it for safe keeping, together with a record of his own name, in the pottery box. The clay impressions of the carved panel were placed as protection over the face of the stone. The original one placed by Nabu-apla-iddina was broken when the stone tablet was recovered by Nabopolassar. He replaced it with a new one while keeping the original safely in the box with the tablet.

R.D. Barnett, Fifty masterpieces of Ancient (London, The British Museum Press, 1969)

L.W. King, Babylonian boundary stones and (London, Trustees of the British Museum, 1912)

Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle Code, 7129 6105195 & Nikola Teslas 3 6 9

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Many skeptics claim Edward Leedskalnins social security citizen/naturalization document explains the meaning of the numbers away as merely relating to that. This analysis is wrong. The numbers describe Edwards Wheel device and prime quadruplet mathematics of ancient antiquity, and significantly surprising complexity, it has a high order of signifcance to Edwards work at Rock Gate and astoundingly it seems Nikola Tesla’s work too, at Bolinas California. It is far more likely in this expcetionally bizarre case that Ed specially requested or somehow obtained the registration numbers as a means of preserving the secret of his machine in much the same way that Holtz the designer of the grand masonic lodge norman room had been tasked.

Much more – than simply carving in his social security document into the wall.

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I will now show you Edward Leedskalnins machine and step through how 7129 6105 195 is not – just about coral castle – but exactly refering to the machine, as Jeremy Stride at code144 has rightly claimed. I will show how it is related to Nikola Tesla’s work as well as the Egyptians. I will show importantly the meaning of the 7 and the 6, in the code, and how they make up the wheel – and it’s functional usage in the North and South poles.

I will show how the 7 and the 6 are actually very important parts of how the wheel itself generates the balance, and unbalance of North and South polarities.

You will see that not only is 7129 6105195 is linked to Eds machine, but you will see that it is to such a large degree mathematical description of Edwards Wheel and Nikola Teslas work on magnetic currents – that it can only be to do with the secret of the egyptians – to do with the specific geometrical design of Ed’s wheel, in the same way that Nikola Tesla described himself. “AC electricity came to me in a vision whilst I was looking at the sun, I saw 4 windings wrapped around spaced at 90 degrees to eachother”. – Nikola Tesla.


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