Edward Snowden Documentary 2016 – EXPOSING NSA || secret documentary


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  1. subversion of the bill of rights is pre meditative treason, in other words when you tell someone to give up the bill of rights so we the government can destroy the bill of rights and commit treason , that's a pre meditative strike and attack on the bill of rights, a group of men sat down and said how can we make you give up your rights, you wont tell the we the people the 4th amendment will be destroyed ,you wont tell anyone, that we the government are committing treason , its a attack on the bill of rights by the powers in power not we the people , 911 a direct attack on bill of rights,   .instead of protecting the bill of rights they by subversion of the bill of rights attacked it by high government, sub version is treason enemy within,  where are the marines

  2. mandates to attack the bill of rights, at any way to remove the bill of rights ,  your freedom stolen in your face

  3. Moral courage has become a very rare characteristic. Seems to be exactly proportional to that illusion of power.

  4. Lynn GEOSITS says:

    We absolutely need to honor and protect people like Snowden who have the genius, integrity and tech savvy to keep tabs on the hidden aspects of government and the internet in this age. Thank-you Edward Snowden for your bravery and dedication to the truth. Your work and brilliance has been crucial to all of us, whether we know it or not.

  5. Lynn GEOSITS says:

    General Michael Hayden asks how Edward Snowden can have the arrogance to question his decisions and those of Bush and NSA. The United States of America is suppose to be a democracy of the people and by the people. Now we are not suppose to trust the people? Hayden is also implying that Snowden showed too much of our methods to the world. Well, the NSA should have thought about that when Bill Binney, and the ThinThread group were not heard, and in fact when almost all of the judicial branch of government said what the NSA was doing was illegal. If they had heeded the warnings initially they would have not created an "Edward Snowden." Sorry Hayden, I am only a stupid citizen who dares to speak to one in high power, but you are wrong. The STOP signs for the secret mass surveillance were many and unheeded by arrogant men in power. So don't try to blame Edward Snowden for that. He was the check on the checks and balances that were violated in secret. It broke my heart to see my "good" country doing that. Just broke my heart. Edward Snowden speaks for that goodness and "Soul of America" that he saw us losing touch with.

  6. US incompetence to the fore..it's Edward JOSEPH Snowden..not james..no wonder we wait for hours in line to vote..lol..what a joke, moronic….

  7. Chad Hurley says:

    Just consider yourself lucky that Michael Hayden isn't running for president. If Michael Hayden was elected, on inauguration day America would become a communist country.

  8. miss bee says:

    Why do I love him. Actually… like not stalker friggin actually. #damnedwardbackatitagainwiththewhitehat #willingtosacrifice

  9. How the hell can America claim to be a "Christian Nation"-when they protect people who outright lie to the American Senate & people–yet threaten to murder the person who told America the truth–sad reflection of a corrupt country!

  10. Edward Snowden is a hero. Anybody else that goes against that is part of the corrupt government.. Such as Hillary Clinton

  11. +1. .. Wow. .. "Forced to land elsewhere"… ..  The President of a sovereign country has his aircrafts diplomatic clearance to land/refuel revoked bye none other …. …. …. .wait-for-it .. Big Brother

  12. he must have had some truth in him if he was able to convince alot of leaders to take him in and lie about him. even with threats like that from the US government. makes you wonder.

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