Egypt and Obama: 5 Stunning Pictures Banned by the Mainstream Media



It appears that Egyptians are even more upset with Obama than America has been. The below pictures represent the stunning link between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egpyt. These pictures will never be aired in the US mainstream media. What do you think of them?

Egypt and Obama 5 Stunning Pictures Banned by the Mainstream Media

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    As it turns out NASA launched a rocket bearing lithium and spread it over North Carolina for the 4th of July.
    Hmmm I wonder why?

  2. eagle says:

    The “Shadow U.S. Government” manipulated their political means to install the negro Obama President. Obama is as fake as a three dollar bill and the evidence is focused on the Council on Foreign Affairs and Israel’s Mossad.

  3. Sally G says:

    Well, considering the Salafi Al Nour party was created in 2011, maybe it says that these Egyptians admire our president. Is that so bad?

    • Chaos says:

      Yes, It means that they are DUMB FUCKING SHEEP like yourself. Sally, When you want to formerly or currently support a COMMUNIST to take the Office of POTUS, GO FUCK YOURSELF with a loaded 12 Gauge Shotgun , Cock the Hammer and Pull the Trigger!

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        Chaos, I must protest, you see I spent 22 years protecting every American’s right to choose to be stupid. Name calling is a waste of time. You can choose to do like I and provide dozens of reasons for people to awaken and think differently. Of course it may be a waste of time because most will not take the time to follow those lines of thought or actually do any research, sheeple that they are.

        • Sally G says:

          Thanks, 5-war veteran, I found Chaos’s response more insulting in tone and language than in per anger at me; wish he or she had focussed on substance instead of curses—we might have had an informative dialogue.

          • 5 War Veteran says:

            A well placed suggestion is more valuable than a poorly placed insult.
            Some of the subjects discussed here on Pakalert do raise my ire greatly and you are not to blame. Many American lack exposure to the facts behind the false reality the Powers That Be (PTB) the elite owned media places before us.
            I used to be a “CNN” newsaholic. Then I leaned how much manipulation and disinformation comes in the news. Now I only turn it in when a major event is happening. EG: Boston Just to watch the dog and pony shows and to see if there is anything I can do. EG: Hurricane Sandy
            I have a network of sources I monitor every day that keeps me up to date with real actual world events as well as acquaintances who notify me in real time with heads up events.

            At one time I felt that South Carolina was a backwards place where only the dregs of society chose to live (I was not far off) however I have learned that except for specifically the democrats in SC office this state is forwards looking and fully honors and respects the US Constitution and the rights of the people.

            That is why I expect a federally based attack on the state of SC in the future and have already pledged my talents as a trained warrior to the current Governor Nikki Haley. I also support our local constabulary and the Mayor who has kept our little town debt free without raising taxes in nearly 20 years.

            Our local police support the Second Amendment just as out Governor does. I wish I could say that about Democrat Senator Lindsay Graham and Democrat Senator Mark (misuse the peoples money for sexual escapades in South America) Sanford. But alas I cannot.
            Lindsay lies to the people saying they support Amnesty much like Barry Sotero lies about 90% of the population supporting his gun bill. A worthless disgusting excuse for a criminal illegal alien president if there ever was one. I can prove that statement but Americans in general are too sheepified to care or even want to know.

  4. carl says:

    the Egyptians can teach how to be better Americans ,since they are doing what our constitution has laid out for us .The people own the country not the leaders or police or military ,they are servants of the people .They are the ONLY country where the government could not turn the police and military against the people.

  5. Ascot says:

    I look at Ltpar and 5War Veteran and thank them both for combining what I would have posted myself…. again, a big THANK YOU.

  6. Ltpar says:

    Pretty sad state of affairs when the people of Egypt are more tuned into and smarter than the 52% of those in the United States? They see The Great Pretender for what he is and not the great Messiah as do his worshipers in America.

    • Sally G says:

      There is a difference between admiration and worship; there are many former supporters, such as myself, who are disappointed in President Obama, yet the fact that an Egyptian party created in 2011 has a logo similar to his makes me wonder if they see more than I; maybe I am expecting too much from a major-party president. I still think that Pres. Obama was the better choice Republicrat/Demican in the last 2 elections—we need a strong third-party system. (I voted for Rocky Anderson in the 2012 election.)

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        there is a major difference between the people acting in the defense and betterment of their entire population and what takes place in the USA through propaganda campaigns and media deception. I do not blame Obama so much, HE IS A TOOL. A fool with delusions of grandeur.
        EVERYTHING that has taken place in America to undermine the US Constitution, to destroy the job marked and make the US dependent on foreign imports, to suck the very resources out from under our feet (including water by the likes of NESTLE), to poison out children with useless and dangerous vaccines,to polluting our drinking water with fluoride and other dangerous toxins, to monitoring our every movement and destroying our god given rights from birth, to spreading toxic chemicals across the landscape via the airways, to poisoning our people with known toxic chemicals in our food coloring, to inventing false illnesses like ADHD, to removing parental rights and dumbing down our children in schools where the very meaning of independence day is unknown to many (as my 13 and 14 year old grand children confirmed by guessing that we gained independence from Spain where the Pilgrims came from) to the very people ourselves who allow campaign lies as it they are acceptable.
        I am sure I missed quite a deal like authorizing increased limits for glysophate a toxin used in Monsatan roundup known to have toxic effects in humans in levels in the Parts Per Trillion. To even making it a big deal regarding simple labeling of GMO poisons proven by science to cause tumors even thought these same products have been banned in many countries. To the drugging of many Americans for bogus maladies and then pushing legislation so these very same persons cannot have a Second Amendment right because they are on these pushed drugs.
        Oh I can go on.
        At what point Sally G, will you see and agree that the US Government has been bought by the Elite and that BArry O is not a president but a figurehead tool for the corporate Elite and their greed, and that the Elite have bought out perhaps the majority or at least the controlling majority of our Congress and Senate?

        You know the likes of Lindsay Graham who does not listen to the majority and who all tout Amnesty for illegals all the while knowing that it will undermine the jobs market even more while adding millions to the unemployment roles and the government handout programs while the middle class tasked with paying for these programs is shrinking by the millions each year.

        Or how about dear old Bill Gates who paid for and supplied 49 thousand Polio immunizations to India for the poor children. Which then resulted in 47 thousand 500 children being paralyzed. You do know what genocide and population reduction is all about don’t you? What if it had been your children? Do you think Billy is going to accept responsibility? Will he pay for their care? Think again.

        The gulf coast of America is still seeing oil slicks and oil rolling up on the beaches and we hear nothing about it anymore BP is not being held responsible and people have died by the thousands because of it. Why don’t you care? Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Why aren’t you active? Is it because it did not affect you? Well it did! You are paying higher prices in the market for seafood and if you eat anything from the gulf it is tainted with toxins like COREXIT that have long term effects and most American are too stupid to pay any attention.

        Barry O said it was safe to go back into the water BUT it is illegal to dig more than 6 inches into the sand on the beaches! Illegal? Why? Because the oil can be found 6 inches down. I have witnessed it myself in Louisiana personally.

        Is this the change you voted for? Are you happy? This message goes out to all Americans. Wake up!!!! Stop crying for Angelina Jolie’s boobs. Stop worshiping the next celebrity, stop careless;ly spending and start buying local made products, support the real Americans and drop foreign interests. Avoid Chinamart like the plague. (Walmart) Ask for GMO labeling, hammer your “representatives” drive them crazy with complaints and suggestions. Hold them responsible now and do not wait for the next election.

        Become like me, monitored on every post, listed as a paper terrorist, be a sore in their sides be an AMERICAN. Do it before it is too late. Sally is it acceptable to you that the political Elite have made themselves exempt from criminal prosecution? They can break the laws and they do not go to jail nor get fined! Is that OK/ Is it OK that an illegal alien proven in a court of law is our president? Yes proven in a court of law. Is it acceptable that the First Lady complains about being a “:prisoner” in the White House while having 4 personal assistants. I could complain that I do not have someone the push my wheel chair nor help me transfer to the toilet, I can complain that I cannot go fishing no enjoy trips to the park anymore, I can complain that I am treated like the invisible man in stores because i am in this chair (when I get a chance to go to a store) I can complain that I have to butt walk and slide around in my garden because I get no help pulling weeds. But what good would that do? She whines and has 4 personal assistants to do everything but wipe for her. Life is sooo hard! Sheesh! How is that Sally?

        • Sally G says:

          Thanks; you are right on many if not all of these issues, what you do not know is anything about me. I did not intend my post to be a defense of President Obama; although I did indeed vote for him in 2008, it was as a member of Get FISA Right, the 23,000 of his supporters who took him to task for the July 2008 FISA Amendments Act vote. A core group of us came back together with the revelations about PRISM and Bountiful Informant; check our blog at
          I travelled to Washington about 5 times (to date) regarding the Keystone XL pipeline; was one of the 1252. I was at the Bradley Manning support rally just before the start of the trial. I marched with Moms Against America yesterday in my home-town July 4 parade; I am very aware of the problems with GMOs and oppose where I can.
          Have I achieved your level of paper terrorism? No—but I am probably being watched. I see a lot of problems with this country—and still some good qualities, though I do think we have largely moved in the wrong directions since my high-school days in the early 1970s. This is why I Occupy.

          • 5 War Veteran says:

            I commend you on your activism!
            My sisters farrn was destroyed by Marcellous Oil in their frakking scam. She then had windmills erected on her property only to learn that the environmental impacts are also not worth the trouble.
            None of these Elite can be trusted. My sister also voted in an altruistic manner for Barry O in the first election. She did not vote in the second at all because she learned that Barry O was a profuse liar and a criminal. But she also could not support the likes of the idiot Romney.
            She does live in Pennsylvania where more than 100 precincts reported 100% votes for Obama when in history no more than 12 had ever reported 100%. And that was in the first Obama election.
            Some how I feel it odd that the President who was voted the worst ever on record wold receive more than 100 precincts at 100% votes after winning that dignified description.

            Voter fraud plain and simple and yes I was being sarcastic with the “dignified worst” remark.

  7. 5 War Veteran says:

    Not stunning. Not surprising either. They have plenty of reason not to trust Barry Sotero.

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