EL AL Israel Airlines Boeing 777-258(ER) | Tel Aviv to London Heathrow *Full Flight*


This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, “RachaelMatt” 1080p HD! After a fantastic first visit to Israel it was time to head back to England. For the return journey …


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  1. Neybang LP says:

    which flight is It ?

  2. bb9596 says:

    ** jerusalem to London Heathrow

  3. LazyGuy222 2 says:

    Could you do London to Dubai with Virgin Atlantic

  4. this can't be the full flight

  5. Amazing video looking great

  6. Awesome video mate!

  7. have they named the plane after Bibi Netanyahu?!

  8. incredible video, loved it

  9. Yishai Barr says:

    Most of the Israel – US planes are newer than this. On my way to Sydney, I flew a plane like this to Hong Kong. It's not that nice, but El Al is getting some dreamliners now. I guess that the airport security is tough for non Israeli citizens, because there have been lots of attempts by Europeans and Americans throughout the last few years to cause problems (I guess you know what I'm saying). I hope that it wasn't as traumatic as Luton airport though.

  10. ki ki says:

    Why is everyone clapping?

  11. bmxwaffle says:

    Hey love the video, how do you travel around the world making so many flight videos, do you do it as a hobby or do you have to travel with a job

  12. i like your s vídeos , so nice. have you visited mexico?

  13. David Lowe says:

    i wish i cud be his flying partner

  14. What a great landing. Those EL AL pilots are very skilled

  15. Semsem Eini says:

    Interesting. NO FOOD. Wow must be hungry.

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