Elites Announce Post Gadhafi Hit List

truther October 22, 2011 4

by Zen Gardner

This will make your blood boil if it’s not already.

News “source” outlets like AP and Reuters are owned propaganda mouthpieces for the elite controllers. Whatever they put out, especially in profiling pieces like this, is to give signals, while manipulating public opinion and preparing the populace for the next stages.

Never forget that.

Gadhafi is gone but other US foes remain

WASHINGTON (AP) — Moammar Gadhafi now joins the ranks of powerful foreign figures who have battled the United States only to come to a bad end.

But even with the demise of the Libyan dictator, plus Osama bin Laden, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, there are still autocrats around the world hostile to the U.S., notably in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran.

1. Gadhafi “battled the US” because they ATTACKED him, with the help of the other hired NATO thugs. “What, he dared to not just roll over while we murder his people and family?”

2. Thanks for the hit list, PTBs. You left out Syria, Sudan, Pakistan and whatever Gulf states don’t keep complying, or countries the military corporate industrial complex needs for “strategic purposes”. Self defense is a BS buzzword.

America’s most determined foes have been bucking more than just the world’s sole surviving superpower, which spends as much on its military as all other countries combined. All faced social and technological trends that made their work more difficult by opening more borders to trade and travel, promoting ethnic and religious tolerance and wiring the world for high-speed Internet.

But as long as the U.S. maintains its leadership role in world affairs, it will find itself a tempting target.

3. Military budget as much as the rest of the world combined! That’s to pretend to be concerned, while actually rattling their sabers.  And don’t forget they spend 3 times more on private contractors making bank on the blood of innocents.  “They that live by the sword shall die by the sword.”

4. “Social and technological trends that make their work more difficult”..i.e. the countries were evolving according to their own dynamics, transitioning at their own speed. The arrogant American and NATO terror-imperialists need to stay the hell out.

5. Twisted misleading lie of the day: “But as long as the U.S. maintains its leadership role in world affairs, it will find itself a tempting target.” If you mean its leadership as a warring monster on innocent populations, it damn well better be a target for those wanting to defend their countries and families!

Not all dictators are regarded as enemies of the U.S.; during the Cold War and beyond, many have been treated as stalwart allies. Today, a number of autocrats endure criticism from the U.S. but are thought to represent little threat to Washington’s strategic interests, including President Aleksander Lukashenko of Belarus, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan.


Birds of a feather…Mugabe and Queen Lizzie

6. So what makes US installed brute beasts like Mugabe OK? Doesn’t have any oil? Pays off the US with money or human trafficking or drugs? Yes, folks, it is that dark out there. Follow the money…and power.

From the U.S. perspective, the survival of openly hostile despotic regimes may be less important than the rise of rival economic and political powerhouses like China, India, Brazil and Russia, a trend that some experts say could one day create a world where the United States becomes one major power among many competing for influence and markets.

7. OMG, the US wouldn’t have full reign over the world?…whatta pity. Actually, this is just adding to the list of countries being put on alert…toe the mark or else we’re coming after you too.

The decline and fall of Gadhafi, Saddam and others doesn’t mean the age of hostile dictatorships is ending. Just as enemies can become allies, allies can become adversaries. Source

8. How perceptive. You mean it’s all politics dancing around rule by force? I’m shocked.

9. And we know “the age of hostile dictatorships is far from over”…the US corporofascist dictatorship masquerading as a “free democracy” is at this point the worst, most oppressive, world and society polluting, metastasizing monstrosity to ever attempt to rule the earth.

And if people don’t disengage and disable the mechanics of this now global monster, a much worse worldwide police state awaits.

Meet the cold, hideous face of murder

Watch this wicked CFR gofer joke and laugh at Gadhafi’s outright cold blooded assassination by these monsters. Lady, what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. I’d rather you woke up from your evil spell and joined conscious humanity but I fear it’s way too late for you and your ilk.

I guess you and yours won’t be needing a trial either, Hills, if this is the form of justice you subscribe to.

See appalling video HERE

Just had to weigh in on this sordid, heartbreaking, wanton destruction and barbaric genocide taking place while these devils wear the mask of “humanitarians”.

Can it get any more Orwellian? I don’t know.

Be well. And be conscious. And please act accordingly. The world is waiting for the awakening.

Love, Zen


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  1. Everyone vote all pro war politicians out in US vote Ron Paul for President. December 23, 2011 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    It would help the whole world if all people especially citizens of Nato countries keeping pressuring authorities to uphold the laws such as Assassination of world leaders and their families is illegal in all countries, including the USA, Israel, all of Europe and violates the UN and the UN Resolutions for the Libya War. Everyone must demand and force those responsable meaning the pro war voting Nato coalition and non Nato countries like Seden and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Qatar be arrested, prosecuted at the Hague and jailed or executed for illegal war, genocide, the real war criminals, using wmds, the real rapists, arsonists,burglars,human rights violators,crimes against humanity. People in the USA,Europe,Israel especially must demand the UN punish this individuals incling the rebels,NTC,the pro war US Congress and other Nato COalition Parliaments and Politicians,spies,pilots,ground forces. Everyone must stop ignoring the problems and fight the lies of the mainstream media to be truthful plus the mainstream media had Nato soldiers and spies on staff so CNN,BBC, and others should be prosecuted as that violates freedom of the press. People need to stop voting for politicians especially leaders with no experience who are CIA assassins like Obama and are pro war like Graham,Kerry,Lieberman,McCain,Rubio,Cardin,Pelosi,Feinstein,Rice,Hunter,Levin,Webb,BlountMikulski,B

  2. Michael Cook October 24, 2011 at 4:15 am - Reply

    The masses are now well programmed for regular public executions of “Tyrants and Dictators” defined as such by those pin-striped Global Mafia bosses known as the “World Leaders.” Or as properly described “The Mob,” with their hit men, “NATO”, or “CIA,” or “MI6,” or “Black Ops,” or “Special Forces,” or just all out military invasion as and when they choose. There must be a lot of governmental leaders sleeping uneasy in their beds in these precarious days when leaders are falling like leaves in the autumn. The trouble with such a scenario, that once it gets going it becomes hard to stop, putting ALL of them on the list sooner or later to suffer the same fate of those that preceeded them. The global political ball is in motion and is toppling king-pin after king-pin, there is a battle for supreme domination by the few, the most powerful, to take out the threat of their ruling minnows, but as their confidence grows like all arrogant rulers of history, they will not stop there, they will, as human history and human nature dictates, seek to take out a leader to far. We are now moving into a very dangerous stage of world events, as the “few” are experiencing euphoria over their seeming success on the world scene, the perfect aphrodisiac to feed their arrogance which will lead them to reach out to far, leading to great wars. The masses cannot see that they are on the global menu to.

  3. janet marsh October 24, 2011 at 3:23 am - Reply

    Well we have just given the world the permission to attack and kill the Heads of
    State all over the world. This includes the United States of America. What goes
    around comes around and it would not surprise me that the Muslims start with that
    fat ass Hillary. Have you looked at her lately? Especially the utube where she looks
    just like an evil crow or something like that. Evil anyway.

    I would not waste one tear over the assassination of any one that is responsible for
    the murder and torture of innocent civilians and especially those that play havoc with
    the lives of all those children burned to death along with starvation.

    And that goes for any Heads of State as everyone is entitled to a fair trial in my
    book and the laws of the United States.

    I do not support any terrorism, but, firmly believe in a fair trial for anyone.

  4. Gary Don Oliver October 24, 2011 at 12:49 am - Reply

    The one thing that strikes me as being so stupid about this whole warmongering thing, is that Egypt’s leader only had a few more months of his natural life to live, and Gadhafi was so old he didn’t have much time left either. Why the tens of thousands of murders and tens of billions of dollars in destruction just to cut history short by a few months or a couple years? As far as Hillary, a lot of people around the world will be doing the “Hillary death jig,” when she kicks the bucket.

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