Emergency Broadcast World War III Close with China, Russia, Middle East




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  1. keep on brother…

  2. Abby Kline says:

    Alex you need a new hobby

  3. Note to self : avoid watching a video called "Emergency Broadcast World War III Close" right before going to bed.

  4. fuckthepopo says:

    I've been watching this guy for years now, and I honesty have mixed feeling now cuz. thanks too Mr Alex Jones I now can read in between the lines. and I feel his works for the establishment. he's pushing us to go buy guns and ammo, and stuff we want that he says the government is going to take from us. it's like his a sales man like the oxygen cleaner powder commercials

  5. I've seen it coming but thought it would start with us going after the Muslims first.

  6. Gecko says:

    Well Alex we just had to have another one of these World Emergency Alerts didn't we………that's 4 now?………and what would U be concerned about Alex?……..World Economic Collapse WW3 um 30 different world ending viruses……..World starvation increasing every year um GMO insanity…um and about 30 other impending problems…….yep!! what would U be concerned about Alex? and that's before we get to the 55 Alien races who are not impressed with us? at all?……….and what about that strange story getting about on whatdoesitmean.com…..Russia prevented Erdogans demise??…………exscuse me……..just to make sure those 90 Nuclear Warheads didn't fall into the wrong hands……..?

  7. Gecko says:

    Hey Alex I'm delighted to help you out with the Tuberculosis concern……….you might enjoy this!
    Much of modern day Turburculosis is caused by the SHADE from the high Rise Buildings that keep parts of the Cities in shade all day so the sunlight can't prevent the TB Bacteria from proliferating. This info from DR Vogel World famous Natural Therapies the Nature Doctor……

  8. meet Singh says:

    Indian Navy is ready to defend ASEAN countries in South China Sea. if provoked India is ready to attack. whole LAC line is being militarised.

  9. Dead Weight says:

    One day Alex will be right.Its gonna happen sooner or later.

  10. zokit0 says:

    i wonder how much someone must be depressed and retarded to put such name on the youtube video……

  11. MR AM says:

    This guy has been talking crap for years now and the same dumbasses keep listening to him.

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