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  2. If you truly feel there is no way in hell the US govt. could possibly attack it's own citizens please take a good look at OPERATION NORTHWOODS.

  3. sixmagpies says:

    Crowd are pathetic, disrespectful and cowardly. They deserve their future. I'm growing vegetables.

  4. Marleyites says:

    HERO! Courageous hero in the face of ridicule & probable danger to his life. If not immediately, maybe in the future. A true inspiration to all.

  5. vivaangelo says:

    the crowd really knows how to take facials when the govt is about to squirt their lies!!!

  6. AIexKidd says:

    I see this as an analogy for the entire human race, one man asking reasonable questions, outnumbered and ridiculed by a crowd of ignorant lemmings.

  7. Drsilmi says:


    your comment is both accurate and hilarious

  8. Goldcortex says:

    Karma is a bitch, guys…

  9. Darusdei says:

    dershowitz is a joke

  10. The real enemy today is not a shadowy cabal of power brokers manipulating the world toward their own ends, it is the billions of fucking douchebags like those in this audience who sit there and applaud their own ignorance.

  11. kw1213 says:

    @AIexKidd Lol, ignorant lemmings indeed. this video makes me cringe. what a waste of space, us on this beautiful earth, just a bunch of cretins that will destroy it because of our shameful ignorance. Will we ever evolve into an intelligent species ?

  12. i fking hate this world, i hate humans, but this kid asking questions just made me believe there are still some good people out there who have balls, brains and heart, and will not sell out there fellow humans to these fake jews and redneck dogs.. karma is a bitch… n its heading for them at break neck speed. respect to you kid…. : )

  13. imbrd says:

    @kobenbawest well they can lick my ass- hahaha

  14. cancanbiker says:


  15. Jakdakson says:

    @rudabeh I would but you guys are complete bullshitters 🙁

  16. Jakdakson says:

    @kw1213 i dunno lol but i do know ur a fag lololololol

  17. Answer the question. See how the little sheep attack when they have to hear the truth. And the earth is round ? What is the point. 911 was an inside job.

  18. lulzrawr2010 says:

    America I pity you 🙁

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