Emirates Fleet at Dubai International | Timelapse| Emirates Airline


Watch a timelapse video capturing Emirates’ arrivals and departures at its hub in Dubai. Emirates aircraft have travelled over 432 million kilometres since …


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  1. George Eden says:

    About 1 week now and I fly with emirates on 2 flights to Mauritius!! Can't wait! Thank you Emirates for being the best airline!

  2. Salma Akhtar says:

    This is absolutely breathtaking , I just really want to go back to Dubai because of this now even more , so beautiful

  3. I miss dubai alot as it is very Beautiful and emirates is the best airline ??✈️?❤️

  4. I love Emirates so much!

  5. I love you Emirates! My true love!

  6. I love you Emirates! My true love!

  7. that was awesome love emirates

  8. DXB = World's best Airport

  9. Abdur Rafi says:

    Emirates you're the BEST AIRLINE

  10. Nice timelapse! Can you check out some of mine?

  11. Dale Verdan says:

    I wanna fly with Emirates but there is no Emirates in Macau :(

  12. Epic! I can't wait to fly there someday.

  13. Rehan khaled says:

    a380s didn't fly for hours except some inspite of airport being busy!! every parking slots are valuable for every aircraft!

  14. i love emirates ???

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