End of the Runway Compilation – Thunder Over Michigan 2016


The end of the runway provided a great vantage point for various arrivals and performing aircraft at the 2016 Thunder Over Michigan airshow, including a P-8 …


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  1. mistert51 says:

    Ecorse Road is the place to be! Shame you didn't have any video of us! Lol. We didn't arrive until a little after 8pm Friday evening in the T-6.

  2. Paul Hebert says:

    That Super Hornet coming at the camera at the 4:49 mark is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Air Guitar says:

    Wow! Are you used to the noise or are you wearing ear protection?

  4. Joe John says:

    F18 had a hard landing

  5. Do you get paid to film this stuff

  6. Lifeisgood says:

    nice, thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome video! loved the F/A-18E low pass!!!!

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