End Times Events Update – Prophecy In The News (August, 2016)


In this edition of end of the world videos and documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the end times events update …


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  1. be careful buying into the mainstream fear mongering..

  2. Matt Burant says:

    there on flakka not weed… aka bath salts

  3. Robert Gwin says:

    The gender debate is one of the most ridiculous things that have been put to Americans! What the gay activists have won, is the right to add to the means of how Americans identity THEM!! Not how we already identify others!! BUT what we call THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. main stream fear mongering? this is the truth of our world what is going on plain and simple. hmmm. ppl are so messed up its like they can cry about there rights get it there way then to us who know its wrong they say shut up don't hate. wtf…

  5. I'm a firm believer in the new world order. it's not a conspiracy THEORY, it's a conspiracy FACT. And while I agree with most of the things shown in this video, like the flag thing is ridiculous, but we can't have separate flags if we r all under one world government so it's just the beginning and it sucks. However, I have a problem with how people react and despised gay people, gay rights bc I am going to assume that a lot of u r christian so if I remember from Sunday school, were we not taught to love and respect others? whatever If u guys think it's immoral or just plain gross, I don't care, the fact is they r just as human as anyone else, they deserve to be treated as u would want to be treated. people cannot help who they r attracted to or fall in love with. you people don't have to like it, but it doesn't give anyone the right to deny them. look back to the 60s with civil rights and women's rights, people have paid with their lives to uphold our freedoms and our rights. the least we can do is respect that. not trying to start any fights. this is my personal opinion and we all have the right to that and freedom of speech but just remember, we all start out the same, as babies and in the end we all die. if u r the praying type, pray for the poor animals that never asked for any of this. TY

  6. zara marland says:

    Y should firefighters move the USA flag from the back of there fire trucks, even though I'm American I'm totally outraged. If people don't like it the say out of the USA, plain n simple!!!

  7. Politically Correct? What does this have to do with we the people. I'm a Christian NOT a Politician!

  8. Never in my life have i seen this they taking everything away from americans forcing us to adapt to the 17% that are not normal +ODAMA+ cant leave fast enough for me Trump all the way

  9. Gog controllers NATO. None of those leaders & nations matter. Gog is an anonymous pharaoh. A banker.

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