(English) Hidden Camera Masonic Ritual Satan Worship Exposed



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  1. P14 N337 says:

    too bad it is filmed with a…..turd?

  2. shit crap for real biatch

  3. I dislike the "Satanist" claim. I saw nothing impling the worship of evil. I think that masonry involes a type of magic.With that good masons and bad masons… Okay maybe the drinking of the goats blood was a tad weird.

  4. mimicduzit says:

    why no one hasn't just bumped these mother fuckers…tryna promote evil doing n corrupt our kids mind…all kid TV shows are about boyfriend n girlfriend…

  5. do you notice JEWS?

  6. Meh, Muslims also sacrifice goats on Ramadan, right? And sometimes sacrifice "infidels".

  7. I would suggest that the next time you try to pass bullshit off as truth, try a little harder at making it convincing. This is just laughable.

  8. Also take care and don't mix not regular lodges with regular. Many mix them with very intention.

  9. Freemasons are run by the Vatican! and the Vatican is also running Islam, after it created it! your Turkish leader is a mason too. :)

  10. sammerdean says:

    Oooooooooo, how EVIL! A masonic initiation with a B-rated horror movie mixed in… I think the SCARIEST part was them stating their names?!!! I would imagine there are college fraternities that have a "scarier" initiation…

  11. My mum says that if I get 100 thumbs up, I get to join the Illuminati.

  12. psuedon name says:

    looks like a typical western style "initiation ceremony" as publicly published in many books.

  13. Mystic Rose says:

    i have watched about a few minutes into it and there is a semblance of these rituals, perhaps to a lesser degree, to college fraternities. When I searched more into this there is actually a view that the link is real – Fritz Springmeier, Henry Makow.

  14. Hana M says:

    What's up with the scary music

  15. Filthy satanic cult. Every soul shall taste death. This life is temporary. And the everlasting you do within this world you will be accountable. This life is a deception and these pathetic devils worship something which god has created.

  16. its a loyalty initiation rite ceremony

  17. لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

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