Epic arrival of the Crusaders


From Kingdom of Heaven.


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  1. Norcal says:

    what an epic age that must have been to experience!

  2. uporabn1k says:

    You must admit they did make quite an entrance.

  3. Obese Kermit says:

    Lol the crusaders would have been at better odds just charging them right them and there witj cavalry in open fields, the crusaders had much heavier and faster cavalry and there are many recorded battles were small armies of knights took out much larger ones due to superior cavalry, but I understand the point was to portray both leaders as respectful and show some message on how were not so different after all or something idk. just saying this battle would have been over quick

  4. LESTI FISA says:

    Crusaders > some random muslim sand chewing faggot

  5. LESTI FISA says:

    " No, we don't have goddamn terms u chicken shit fight club wannabe nerd beta cuck, for every last crusaders and their wives will submit to the will of islam, or by everything that is holy before nightfall every sons of Jehovah, shall die." – Real Salahudin

  6. Adam Holland says:

    Quick shoot an arrow in his back !!

  7. Adam Holland says:

    Quick shoot an arrow in his back !!

  8. Shazad Ali says:

    they hollywood change the real to amuse their self deluded thought
    the real is far from this what they showed here

  9. Oksum Gaming says:

    1-9 crusades were successful and everybody wants to make another crusade? I think Muslims will just beat them back.

  10. deus vult remove kebab

  11. Crusaders were the biggest heroes in mankind's history. Liberal History falsification doesn't work.

  12. Lam gangte says:

    0:42 everytime i watch it i always have goosebumps….. probably the badass entry possible…. some day we will take back JERUSALEM. DEUS VULT

  13. apocratos says:

    Back in the day when white men were men, and not a bunch of liberal fags and trash leftists

  14. Benny TheOwl says:

    My daughter-wife is pregnant but I was away, wasn't I?

  15. King Lurch says:

    Soon my brothers the next crusade will be upon us! Sooooon

  16. The world needs more Saladins and Baldwins. These people did not want war, they were simply unable to avoid it.
    Reading the comments here, it's clear that many of them come from people who did not fully understand the message behind this film.

  17. John Smith says:

    Could Saldin and Baldwin speak each others language or did they have to talk through emissary's ?

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