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Music by J2 feat. Johnny & Justin Coppolino Track: Sound of Silence Album: J2 the Iconic Series Vol 1 Subscribe Epic Music Vn: http://emvn.co/subscribeEMVN …


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  1. this channel is like wow fucking what? jesus! deserve more!!

  2. Shutter says:

    A message for wargaming: Eat shit and die! Armored Warfare #1!

  3. Phê hơn cả chịch + cần :v

  4. duyhung 2h says:

    Yass all of my favourite 3 games is here :D

  5. Artiel says:

    Tuyệt cmn vời :D

  6. White Tiger says:

    +Epic Music VN thank you ! I'm looking for this song for a while ! Now I've got the song and this awsome cinematic, good work, keep doing what you do, you're doing more than just a job, you're doing GREAT job that's why I'm now a subscriber. Thanks to you, you're giving me some inspiration all time ;)

  7. Max Berkien says:

    Please make more video's like this with some of the most iconic songs of all time!!

  8. Tatoo Jardin says:

    +Epic Music VN So beautiful ! Thanks I love this song 😉 and this cinematic is so perfect for this song ^-* I LOVE. Thank you and thanks to your work.

  9. Poperillnik says:

    grup nain takyn feyer

  10. NikoDeus says:

    This is really good video, but wrong music choice?

  11. Turbo777zzz says:

    2:34 Wrong direction of rotation.

  12. Dark Hydra says:

    I watched the video 10times

  13. As always so perfect :)

  14. Troner says:

    Sound 5/5
    Video 5/5

  15. нет слов…. Спасибо :)

  16. That was so freakin awesome. Nice work!

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