Epic Deception | Flat Earth Documentary


ODD TV Reupload: Third and final installment in my Flat Earth Trilogy. “I’ve tried everything I can to prove to myself that the earth isn’t flat. It didn’t work at all.


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  1. What's up with the shadow the earth cast on the moon???

  2. Explain the sun dial. How azimuth works if planet isn't round and tilted.

  3. Comar Logans says:

    That "ODD TV" logo on the top left of the screen was very annoying by getting in the way of stuff I wanted to see or read but other than that I liked your video.

  4. Im well into the flat earth truth now but I am really just discovering how good of a beginners route you give people. Great videle up.

  5. Musquito 333 says:

    There are 260 species of monkeys in existence right now in this world…which one do we come from? and how come they still exist if they have evolved into us?

  6. Poseidon63 says:

    " "I've tried everything I can to prove to myself that the earth isn't flat"
    Obviously you didn't try hard enough, 10 minutes with me would clear it up, or maybe you are just a thick twat who is mentally challenged.
     Just for starters, ask yourself, "why do they always build lighthouses very high up and not just 10 foot from ground level, it would be a lot cheaper.?"………. simple question for anyone.

  7. Marek P says:

    Want to see a FACT against FE concept? Consider this:
    Round earth measurements show LA->Hong Kong is about the same distance as Santiago->Sydney (11,725km & 11,385 respectively). As Round Earthers would expect, flights between these cities have about the same duration (14h 50min & 14h 15min respectively).
    According to Flat Earth models, Santiago->Sydney is more than double the distance of LA->Hong Kong since the "southern hemisphere" is closer to the outer edge of the Earth as seen here:

  8. TheBuzzdev says:

    I'm just wondering… Why all these "ball earthers" come over here, (probably watch the video too) and why the hell are they commenting all those invectives?
    Can anybody please explain this to me?

  9. John Captain says:

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  10. Lasse Ehlers says:

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  12. Marcus K says:

    shit man, im struggling with this but this is good evidence. Great evidence. Ill keep researching. Thanks for your work ODD.

  13. Indeed epic, showing us at 49:50 a horizon with a curve. Give it a full screen and measure it. Good grieve, that is just hilarious!

  14. Is this a parody channel?

  15. Xyberninja says:

    Math has explained the globe, time and time again. However, with Flat earth there is NO supporting Math. Just a bunch of idiots who can't comprehend that their perspective is so insignificantly small that Earth will not bend within their limited range of sight. Show everyone some Math that could support your idea and maybe Educated people might take you seriously.

  16. Marcia says:

    Great video about our flat earth!

  17. 123abcbruce says:

    If you are showing a picture of the moon with a shadow on it, then you are seeing it from an angle.

    Then you could wait 2 weeks and show a picture when the moon is full.

    That proves the move is a globe!

    The front view is round and the side view is still round!

    You can see about 270 degrees of the moon, depending on it's angle and illumination during the month!


  18. Odd reality indeed, thanks!

  19. SuPafLy GTI says:

    i have some questions about this theory though that i would like to see answered.. firstly maybe this is easily explained away.. but explain eclipses… also.. i own a decent telescope… and viewing jupiter with my telescope, i can also see its moons and view its moons progressions around jupiter. im not arguing that this theory doesnt hold water, quite the opposite because it has opened my eyes to some different ways of looking at things.

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