EPIC HD Sunrise Plane Spotting – Melbourne Airport – A380, 747, A330, 737


What an epic sunrise plane spotting trip to Melbourne Airport [MEL/YMML] this was!! Todays myriad of aircraft began with Qantas 94 from Los Angeles …


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  1. Wow! Some fantastic footage there, liked!

  2. 99carnot says:

    Liked a lot, especially the sunrise and condensation!

  3. Very nice footage! Good spotting. :)

  4. Evan W says:

    awesome video once again guys

  5. Nick S says:

    Absolutely stunning video!!

  6. Interesting aircraft collection. Nicely done!!

  7. Beautiful video mate! BIG LIKE!! :)

  8. SwissAirA380 says:

    Wow, such an incredible video!!! Those condensations are stunning!!!

  9. Amazing video mates! Great views!

  10. Excellent sunrise compilation! I liked a lot!  Very beautiful indeed. The wing shadow on the QF A330's fuselage at 2:04 was pretty cool to see.

  11. Yep, that was breathtakingly awesome!

  12. That's a beautiful compilation, those condensation shots are stunning. Great work!

  13. Aussiewally2 says:

    Brilliant! Love the engine noises!

  14. Epic video, huge like!

  15. Phenomenal footage!!

  16. YQBspotting says:

    Amazing video mate! Very great camera work as always :D

  17. Epic indeed! Absolutely awesome shots. Big like from me!

  18. CogAviation says:

    The sky is so beautiful and you've captured it so well! Great video :)

  19. inselvideo says:

    Great compilation!Well done!LIKE!Greetings!

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